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Make a Resolution for 12 Months of Safety

Post Date:01/02/2020 8:46 AM

Energy safety is an easy resolution to make, and one of the most beneficial ways to protect yourself and your family.  Start the New Year right with an annual natural gas safety check.

Maintaining natural gas appliances is the best way to ensure they are operating properly.  Your natural gas flame should be blue with a hint of yellow near the tip. If your appliances are not operating properly or are not properly ventilated, carbon monoxide (CO) may be produced.CO is a colorless, odorless toxic gas that can be fatal. Initial symptoms are like the flu without fever and may include nausea, fatigue, dizziness, or headaches. CO can affect each person differently.  If you suspect CO poisoning, get fresh air immediately and call 480-644-4277 or 911.

Home safety tips to practice throughout the year…

  • Follow manufacturer instructions for installation, care, service, and use of appliances and equipment.
  • Periodically inspect gas piping to all outdoor appliances (grills, pool/spa heaters, firepits, etc.) for leaks, corrosion, and rust. If you suspect an unsafe condition, contact a qualified professional to inspect your system and complete repairs.
  • Protect natural gas meters from damage by vehicles, boats and trailers), as well as roots, plants, shrubs, and trees.
  • Do not place objects on or chain anything to a natural gas meter.
  • Never attempt to service or maintain a meter yourself:Contact your gas company to arrange service.

If you smell gas (rotten egg smell) or suspect a gas leak, leave the area and call 480-644-4277 or 911. For additional information on natural gas safety, visit  

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