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The following individuals are eligible to enroll in the health plans offered through the City of Mesa:

  • Full-time (F/T) employees working 40 or more hours per week.
  • Part-time (P/T) employees working 20 hours per week on a regular, year-round basis in a benefits-eligible position.
  • Elected officials of the City of Mesa, including Mayor and Council members. 
  • Retired employees of the City of Mesa who qualify and begin receiving retirement benefits from ASRS or PSRS on the first day of the month following retirement.
  • Disabled employees who have retired from employment due solely to a disability and are receiving a long-term disability benefit and who continue to meet the requirements of disability.
Benefit Options F/T EE's P/T EE's Elected Officials SP/CP & Dep Children Retiree
Medical/Rx Yes  Yes Yes Yes  Yes
Dental Yes Yes Yes Yes  Yes
Vision Yes Yes Yes Yes  Yes
EAP Yes Yes Yes Yes  No
LTD Yes Yes Yes No  -
STD Yes Yes No No  No
BLife & ADD Yes No Yes No  No
Supp Life Yes Yes Yes Yes  No
BT Insurance Yes No Yes No  No
FSA Yes Yes Yes No  No

Dependent Eligibility

If you elect coverage for yourself, you may also elect the same coverage for your eligible dependents. Eligible dependents are defined as one or more of the following:

  • Legal spouse or committed partner
  • Natural children, stepchildren, or committed partner children
  • Legally adopted children, or children for who you/your spouse are a court-appointed guardian

Dependent children are eligible until the end of the month in which they turn 26, after which time they're no longer eligible for coverage as your dependent unless they are disabled.  Legal guardianship children are eligible until the end of the month in which they turn 18 unless legal guardianship status has been extended by a court for an adult child (e.g. disabled adult child over the age of 18 who remains the qualified tax dependent of the employee).

Disabled Adult Dependent Eligibility

A Disabled Adult Dependent Child may continue coverage in City of Mesa group medical, dental and/or vision care plans (and voluntary supplemental dependent life insurance coverage, if applicable), if they are an unmarried Dependent Child age 26 or older who is permanently and totally disabled with a disability that existed prior to the attainment of the Plan’s age limit (as defined in the City of Mesa Health Plan Document). The Plan requires initial and periodic proof of a current Social Security Disability award (or eligibility for such), for totally disabled and dependent adult children age 26 or older.  A Dependent Child who is not covered under the Plan but becomes disabled after reaching the Plan's Dependent age limit is not eligible to enroll as a Dependent under the Plan. “Disabled” means the inability of a person to be self-sufficient as the result of a physical or mental condition such as mental retardation, cerebral palsy, epilepsy or another neurological disorder, psychosis, or is otherwise totally disabled and as a result, eligible for a Social Security Disability Award.

In order to maintain a disabled adult dependent child over the age of 26, enrolled in the plan, you must provide the Employee Benefits office with a copy of the Social Security Award letter and a notarized copy of the Certification of Disabled Adult Dependent Child Letter.  Please refer to the Plan Document for additional information.

Committed Partners (CP)

Employees and retirees have the option to enroll eligible Committed Partner (CP) and CP children in the City's Medical/Prescription Drug, Dental or Vision Care coverage, as a new hire or during Open Enrollment. CP coverage is not subject to qualifying events.

The City of Mesa Plan Document designates a number of criteria that establish eligibility for CP coverage. For additional information and FAQ's regarding committed partnerships and the tax implications please review the Committed Partner Communication.

Dependent Eligibility Verification Requirements

Dependent Type Eligibility Definition Documents Required for Verification
Spouse Person to whom you are legally married

Marriage Certificate & if marriage occurred more than 12 months prior, current financial documents that verify continuing legal married status (e.g. redacted first two pages of most recent tax return, joint mortgage/lease invoice, joint utility bills at same address, etc.)

Committed Partner (CP) and CP Child(ren) Must meet City of Mesa Eligibility Requirements Committed Partner Declaration (Notarized) and two documents that verify joint address and financial inter-dependence
Natural Child(ren) Child(ren) of Employee/Retiree who are under age 26 Birth Certificate
Stepchild(ren) Child(ren) of Employee/Retiree Spouse who is under age 26 Birth Certificate -and- Marriage Certificate showing Spouse as parent
Child(ren) Legally Adopted Child(ren) legally adopted by Employee/Retiree who is under age 26 Court documentation
Disabled Child(ren) Natural, Step or Adopted Child(ren) of Employee/Retiree (no age limit) who is incapable of self-care due to physical or mental illness (disability must occur prior to aging out of health plan) Birth Certificate -and- Certification of Disability from SSA - and - Certification of Disabled Adult Dependent Child Letter


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