Downtown Tree Replacement Study

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Approximately 430 Palo Verde trees were planted along Main Street from Mesa Drive to Country Club Drive during the Main Street streetscape improvement projects that were constructed between 1998 and 2004. The inherent form, growth characteristics, and thorny nature of the existing Palo Brea trees are not conducive to long term sustainability as urban trees on Main Street. At last count, approximately 110 trees were missing due to removals requested by downtown stakeholders or because of damage from monsoon winds.

The project will develop a master plan for the phased replacement of the Palo Brea trees that will ultimately result in the Palo Brea trees being fully replaced on Main Street. (This project would also likely result in the new palette ultimately being used in all of Downtown, but current project scope is limited to Main Street.) The new tree species palette will help ensure survival of our urban forest and maximize the benefits they provide to the community.

Phase I will replace the trees with the most issues first. Approximately 140 trees would be replaced.

View the interactive map to see individual planting spaces and for continuous updates throughout the project.