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Locate an address or point of interest and the map will return city service information along with department contacts. A variety of topics available for reference and research are: parks, schools, public safety, arts, traffic restrictions, street sweeping and city facilities.

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Active Developments
(buildings & projects in the development process)
Park finder
Park & Community Facilities Finder
Capital Improvement Projects
Active Capital Improvement Projects
Planning & Zoning
Planning & Zoning
Electric service area
Electric Service Area
Gas service area
Gas Service Area
 Historic Properties
Historic Properties
traffic counts
Traffic Counts

Pavement Cut Restrictions
Pavement Cut Restrictions

wireless facilities sensitive zones

Small Wireless Facilities &
Interference Sensitivity Zones

This map allows wireless carriers to view Mesa street light locations, streetlight addresses, and pole types to comply with the Small Wireless Facilities (SWF) Terms and Conditions and City Standards.  Additionally, this map will show which locations wireless carriers have expressed exploratory interest.  To comply with the submittal requirements set forth in the Standards, the map shows the Interference Sensitivity Zones (ITZ) for further testing.