Zoning Administrator Interpretations - Pre 2011

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 Accessory Room Addition   Accessory Use for Retail Space    Accessory Use of a Single Family Dwelling
Accessory Uses for Swim School  

Detached Accessory Building in R-1 District - Carport

  Detached Accessory Building in R-1 District - Train Car
Home-based Business as Accessory Use in an R1-15 District   Manufactured Home Accessory Structures     
 Design Guidelines for a PAD Site   Guidelines to Resolve Land Locked Parcels    Modification of a Comprehensive Plan for a Business Park
Modifications of a Comprehensive Plan for a Shopping Center   Permitted Commercial Activities in RV Parks   Permitted Land Use for Retail Sales
Permitted Outdoor Display in a C-3 District    Permitted Storage and Displays in C-2 District   Regulations for Rebuilding Damaged Infrastructure
Regulations for Rezoning Subdivisions   Requirements for a Mobile Food Facility    Requirements for a Pawn Shop
Requirements for a Social Service Facility    Requirements for Approval of a CUP   Requirements for Church Activity in R1-35 District
Requirements for Liquor Sales in C-2 District    Requirements for Outdoor Vehicle Display   Requirements for Residential Project in C-2 District 
Requirements for Retail and Barter Exchange in the O-S District   Requirements for Site Development   Requirements for Site of Car Sales Office 
Requirements for Swap Meet in C-2 District    Requirements of an Office Use Development    Requirements of Transitional Living Center 
Zoning District for Donation Center    Zoning District for Martial Arts Center    Zoning Requirements for Charter School 
Zoning Requirements for Coppersmith Business         
Requirements for an Outdoor Commercial Display and Storage Facility   Requirements for Firearms Warehousing and Manufacturing in M-1 District    Requirements for Portable Storage Containers in O-S District
Requirements for Recycling Center         
Distance Requirements from Group Homes   Encroachment of a Porch    Foundation Base Setbacks 
Permitted Encroachments     Roof Coverage to Outdoor Patio    
Conformance of Zoning Regulations for an Apartment Complex   Non-Conformance Status Requirements for Pawn Shop   Non-Conforming Status upon Sale of Property
Non-Conforming Use of Property as Medical Office    Non-Conforming Use of Residential Property as an Office   Non-Conforming Uses for a Building in R-4 Zoning District 
Requirements to Rebuild Site with Non-Conforming Uses         
Parking and Outdoor Display of Golf Carts   Parking and Storage of Vehicles in the C-3 District   Parking Lot Vehicle Display Regulation
Parking Requirement for a Mixed-Use Development at an Airport   Parking Requirements for a Shopping Center   Parking Requirements for a Public Assembly
Permanent Cosmetic Application Service within Beauty Salon   Permit Requirements for Pawn Shop    
 Permitted Uses in C-2 District    Permitted Uses in C-3 District   Permitted Uses in R1-7-PAD-DMP-AS District
 Permitted Uses in R-4 District    Permitted Uses in TCB-1 District    
Time Limit Extension for Previously Approved Variance        
Charitable Food distribution in a Single Residence District   Conventionally Constructed House Within Manufactured Home Subdivision   Regulations for Replacing Damaged Residential Building
Required Separation between Group Homes for the Handicapped    Requirements for a Church   Requirements for a Manufactured Home Space
Requirements for a Group Home as Permitted use in a Single Residence District   Requirements for a Mini-Storage and Single Residence Subdivision   Single Residence Lot Coverage Requirements
Types of Homes Permitted in RV Parks    5200-5300 Blocks of Escondido Cir    
 Early Posting of Campaign Signs    Exterior Signage on Mall    Off-Site Signage Repair
 Requirements for a Temporary Sign   Restrictions for Detached Monument Style Sign on Residential Property   Revision of Comprehensive Sign Plan Change Location of Detached Sign