The Grove on Main

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The Grove on Main is in Downtown Mesa, the project site is 4.55 net acres, bounded by Main Street to the north, Mesa Drive to the west, and LeSueur on the east. The south boundary limit is established with a proposed pedestrian path that connect the project to the Mesa Temple and Downtown. The project site is located on the light rail corridor to the south of the Mesa Drive light rail station. The project spans two blocks that extend from Mesa Drive to LeSueur and the Mesa Temple. 

The 4.5-acre redevelopment project includes the assembly of 27 parcels which includes 17 vacant lots, 3 vacant commercial uses, and 7 residential uses with 8 of the lots within the Temple Historic District.

Grove site overview

The project site is located on the west side of the Mesa Arizona Temple. The Temple is approaching it’s 100th year in existence and is currently under a major remodel that started in 2018.  Part of the renovation of the Temple is to make major exterior improvements to the gardens and landscape areas on the grounds. The existing Visitor Center that was previously located to the north of the Temple will be removed and relocated within a new building that is part of this project at the southwest corner of Main Street and LeSueur.

The design vision is to create a vibrant residential neighborhood using diverse residential unit sizes, comfortably scaled buildings, Mesa-authentic architectural character, and landscaped streets and gardens. 

Specific parts of the proposed development plan include a one-level parking structure below grade that spans both blocks from Mesa Drive to LeSueur. The framework creates an urban neighborhood character that includes great streets with detached sidewalks and tree canopies for comfort and convenient on street parking.

The proposed buildings are mostly multi-family residential with some commercial, mixed-use, civic and church uses, below grade parking structure and open space, gardens, and pedestrian walkways. The proposed buildings will be either 2-story, 3-story, or 4-story in height. The 4-story buildings will be located along Mesa Drive and Main Street transitioning to 2-story closer to the existing neighborhoods and Temple.

The Grove on Main community consists of 243 multi-family units with 8,000 square feet of retail space and is currently under construction and is anticipated construction will be completed by the spring of 2021.