Elliot Road Tech Corridor

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Elliot Road Tech Corridor

Updated on 10/18/2018 3:43 PM

Elliot Road Tech Corridor Project - Ellsworth Road to Signal Butte Road

Project Details

The City of Mesa is excited about an upcoming project that will transform Elliot Road into a "Technology Corridor" to serve as an economic development catalyst for the area. The project includes the widening Elliot Road to three lanes in each direction and raised medians with landscaping from Ellsworth to Signal Butte Road. The project also includes detached sidewalks, utility improvements, street lighting, signage, and landscaping between the curb and the sidewalks. A new monument sign will also be installed at the Elliot and Ellsworth Road intersection.

Once completed, these improvements will improve access to the area and help to promote economic development.

Project Details/Renderings

*   Monument Signage

*   Nodes and Monument Location

*   Roadway Sections

Project Schedule

The project has been awarded to Nesbitt Contracting. Construction began in late May 2018 and is estimated to be completed within nine months. 

Upcoming Roadway Restrictions

Following is a list of upcoming restrictions scheduled for Elliot Road, Signal Butte to Ellsworth:

Elliot Road will be restricted to one lane in each direction from Signal Butte to Ellsworth Road. The traffic has been shifted to the south side of the roadway to allow the contractor to complete the improvements on the north side of Elliot Road. The entire project is estimated to be completed in May, 2019.