Gas Bollards Project

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Project Details

The City of Mesa Energy Resource Department (ERD) is committed to delivering safe, reliable, and efficient service to all Mesa Energy customers. As part of this effort, we have created a safety measure to help protect the existing gas meter assembly from being damaged by installing bollards. A gas meter assembly includes the meter, pressure regulator, valves and the associated piping connecting the assembly to our underground piping and the piping inside your house or business.  Guard posts, which are commonly called “bollards”, are used to create a protective barrier against potential damages to the gas meter assembly.  The gas meter assembly is not designed to withstand the types of damage that can be done by vehicles, trailers and other equipment that can come in contact with the meter assembly.  The damages can be, not only to the meter assembly, but also to our underground piping and the piping inside your home or business. This safety measure is in accordance with Federal code which requires the City to identify and protect all gas meters exposed to vehicular traffic and threats.

What are the regulations regarding gas meters and gas regulators? 

Each meter and service regulator, whether inside or outside a building, must be installed in a readily accessible location and be protected from corrosion and other damage, including, if installed outside a building, vehicular damage that may be anticipated (Code §192.353). To view the entire Code of Federal Regulations, visit

What is the spacing criteria for the bollard placement?

The City of Mesa has a Guard Post Detail that outlines the spacing requirements - Guard Post Detail.

Do I have a choice on opting out of this safety measure and not have the bollards installed on my property?

Yes, you have the option of relocating your gas meter assembly to a location that does not require a bollard; however, the cost of moving the assembly will be your responsibility. We are willing to consider a location for your service line connection and meter assembly, but the new location must meet federal guidelines - acceptable locations can be found here.

Guard Post Facts

Attached is a project FAQ sheet with additional information.

Project Contact Information

For additional information or a schedule of when the contractor will be in your neighborhood to complete the work, please contact Lucy Lopez with the City of Mesa Engineering Public Relations Department at 480.644.3800.

Gas Bollards Project

Updated on 03/12/2019 8:25 AM