Forms must be received by the Licensing office at least 7 days prior to the scheduled event date.

As part of continued efforts to reverse the trend of COVID-19 spread in Arizona, Governor Doug Ducey signed Executive Order 2020-043 on June 29, 2020 prohibiting organized public events of more than 50 people in Mesa unless the City approves the event and only if adequate safety precautions are implemented, including physical distancing measures.

Consistent with the Executive Order and the Governor’s “Stay Home, Stay Healthy & Stay Connected” policy, the City recommends a pause on all events of 50 or more people occurring before July 28, 2020, but also recognizes that there may be some limited events that need to proceed during this time period, so long as they are held in a manner that promotes the safety of the attendees. 

Moving forward with any event is a risk at this time, but to allow for events permitted under the Executive Order, the City is implementing a Public Event Registration process in which organizers of public events occurring before July 28, 2020 in Mesa with 50 or more attendees will be required to register their event to obtain City approval. 

Events that require a special event license pursuant to Mesa City Code Title 5, Chapter 1 are not required to register through the Public Event Registration process if they submitted a safety precautions plan related to COVID-19 during the special event licensing process.

Subject to further guidance from the Governor, the City defines an “organized public event” subject to the Executive Order as any organized event open to and may be attended by the general public regardless of any fee, registration or age requirement. Examples of organized public events include fairs, festivals, farmers markets, performances, and exhibitions. The definition does not include private events or any events for constitutionally protected activities such as speech or religion.

To be in compliance with the Executive Order, organizers of the event must fill out the required registration form on this page, which includes the submission of a plan for adequate safety precautions.  For guidance on adequate safety precautions, please see the Center for Disease Control Guidance on Events and Gatherings. Any organized public event in Mesa of more than 50 people that does not receive prior approval through the Public Event Registration will be in violation of the Executive Order. As additional guidance on the Executive Order becomes available or as deemed reasonably necessary by the City, a Public Event Registration may be denied or revoked by the City at any time. 

City approval is not an endorsement of an event or insurance of the safety of the participants of an event. Each attendee of an event is responsible for their own health and safety, and attendance at any event or gathering, no matter the size, can pose a risk of exposure to COVID-19 that the individual is accepting because safety measures may slow, but do not stop, the spread of COVID-19.  For more information on how to stay healthy during this time and available resources in Arizona, please visit

Public Event Registration Form

Forms must be received by the Licensing office at least 7 days prior to the scheduled event date. Forms can be mailed, faxed or emailed to the Licensing office.

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