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We are now accepting bids/proposals for the following products/services:

RFP NumberTitleStartingClosingStatus
2019070Heavy Duty Truck Brake and Wheel PartsNEW!11/15/2018 3:52 PM12/05/2018 3:00 PMOpen
2019079Landscape Maintenance Services for City Facilities – Zone 5NEW!11/13/2018 4:12 PM12/13/2018 3:00 PMOpen
2019080Landscape Maintenance Services for City Facilities – Zone 6NEW!11/13/2018 4:12 PM12/13/2018 3:00 PMOpen
2019081Landscape Maintenance Services for City Facilities – Zone 7NEW!11/13/2018 4:12 PM12/13/2018 3:00 PMOpen
2019059Management Services for Dobson Ranch Golf CourseNEW!11/07/2018 3:59 PM12/18/2018 3:00 PMOpen
2019019Turf Renovation, Removal, Preparation, and Install Services10/25/2018 10:01 AM11/26/2018 3:00 PMOpen
2019053Lewis Substation Power Transformer10/25/2018 10:00 AM11/19/2018 3:00 PMOpen
2019048Boiler & Tankless Heater Preventative Maintenance & Repair Services10/24/2018 10:07 AM11/28/2018 3:00 PMOpen
2019061Uninterruptible Power Supply Maintenance, Services and Parts10/22/2018 9:00 AM11/21/2018 3:00 PMOpen
2018084Emergency Vehicle Equipment and Installation10/17/2018 3:51 PM11/28/2018 3:00 PMOpen
2019056Two (2) Heavy Duty Construction Grade, 6x4 Truck with eight (8) Cubic Yard Asphalt Patch Bodies10/09/2018 9:06 AM12/11/2018 3:00 PMOpen
Excess Carrier Liability07/23/2018 11:30 AMOpen