Building Board of Appeals

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As Needed
5:00 p.m.
City Council Chambers (lower level)
57 E. First Street

City Code


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The Building Board of Appeals is one of the citizen advisory board & committees and is a mechanism employed by the City to provide the following:

  • Hear appeals to determinations made by the Building Safety Director and/or the Fire Marshal.
  • Decide on reasonable interpretations of the Building Regulations (All Chapters) and Chapter 2 of the Fire Regulations.
  • Determine the suitability of alternate materials and alternate methods of construction.
  • Recommend changes to the various building and fire codes.

Bylaws have been established by the Building Board of Appeals. Additional information regarding the procedures of the Board can be found in Title II, Chapter 11, Section 2-11-4 of the Mesa City Code.

As required by Title II, Chapter 11, Section 2-11-5 of the Mesa City Code, meeting minutes shall be made and retained on file in the Building Safety Division.

Board Membership

The Building Board of Appeals is made up of nine board members that are appointed to staggered terms by the Mayor of the City of Mesa.

Building Board of Appeals                                           Date Appointed             Term Expires

Mark Hunsaker, General Contractor                                    06/27/2019                    06/30/2022
District 5
General Building Construction Category
Term:  3 years

Dallan Randall, Licensed Plumber, JB Water                      04/26/2017                     06/30/2020                                 
District 6
Plumbing (or Mechanical) Contractor
Term: 3 years                                                                                                               

Natalie Griego-Pavon                                                          04/26/2017                     06/30/2020
District 3
Citizen Category
Term: 3 years                                                                                                               

Sue Lunt                                                                               07/02/2018                    06/30/2021
District 4
Citizen Category
Term: 3 years   

Jeffrey Allen                                                                         07/02/2018                    06/30/2021
District 5
Homebuilding/1 & 2 Dwelling Units Category 
Term: 3 years   

Troy Campbell                                                                      07/02/2018                     06/30/2021
District 1
Citizen Category
Term: 3 years   

Michael Hudson                                                                   07/02/2018                      06/30/2021
District 2
Architect Category
Term: 3 years   

Vacant                                                                                   Unassigned                      
Electrical Contractor/Engineer Category

Fire Fighting or Fire Protection Techniques/Engineer.           Unassigned