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Employee Benefits Advisory Committee

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Meeting Schedule is bi-monthly for standard recurring meetings, but additional meetings may need to be scheduled to comply with PPACA (health care reform) response time requirements for appeals.

Membership consists of two City Council members appointed by the Mayor, the City Manager or his/her designee, the Chief Financial Officer, and a management level representative from a city department appointed by the City Manager.
Term of Service is indefinite for the City Manager and the Chief Financial Officer. City Council members serve throughout their Council terms by Mayoral appointment. The City Department manager serves a two year term by City Manager appointment.
Duties include the primary function of providing an internal review for member appeals. Additionally, the Committee reviews plan design changes and other changes to the plan document which are submitted to Council for approval.

Open Meetings are held for those parts of the meeting that do not include any protected health information subject to federal HIPAA requirements. Executive sessions are called when an appeal is discussed, but voting is conducting in open session.

Meeting Minutes of the executive session are distributed only to Committee members, and all agenda and general session minutes are posted as required by state statute.