Self-Insurance Board of Trustees

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The City of Mesa is self-insured for three different types of claims/losses: (1) employee benefits, (2) loss and liability claims, and (3) workers’ compensation.  State law requires that all self-insurance program funds be placed in a trust fund and that the trust fund be administered by at least five joint trustees.  The City’ Self-Insurance Program Board of Trustees was created by the City Council pursuant to Section 501 of the City Charter and Ordinance No. 1260 on August 6, 1979, as amended by Ordinance 5125 on October 1, 2012.
As set forth in Mesa City Code § 2-17, the Self-Insurance Board of Trustees makes recommendations to the City Manager and the Council on matters pertaining to the financial viability of the trust funds.

Board members serve 3-year staggered terms.  The Board elects one member to serve as its Chairperson for a one-year term.

Board Members

Ms. Linee Ferguson  Term Expires 6/30/19
Mr. Courtney Guinn                                Term Expires 6/30/21
Ms. Kelly Vorseth  Term Expires 6/30/20
Mr. Mark Freeman 
Mr. Michael Kennington  Permanent Member