Human Resources

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Who We Are

Human Resources provides the full range of HR services to approximately 4,000 City employees.  The City's medical benefits programs and Workers Compensation services are fully self-funded and self-administered.  The Human Resources Department is dedicated to providing services in:
  • Recruitment/Testing/Selection
  • Benefits
  • Compensation/Classification
  • Employee Development/Training
  • Employee Relations
  • Safety/Workers Compensation

Human Resources reports to the City Manager's Office and is a key Department in providing Citywide Human Resources leadership and consultation.  We focus on delivering the highest quality of HR service, and value our partnerships with employees, supervisors, managers, and directors.  We continually seek new ways to improve our services and satisfy the needs of our customers.


We serve our customers with integrity and professionalism while building strategic partnerships in support of the City's mission. 


To be the premier Human Resources organization by providing exceptional HR leadership and services to City employees, the public and other organizations.