Mayor's Youth Committee

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The Mayor's Youth Committee is a select group of juniors and seniors from high schools throughout Mesa. Each year, school principals and counselors choose students through a competitive process to represent their school on the committee.

MYC is a year-long program where students interact with the Mayor, City Council and City staff on a regular basis to learn the ins and outs of city government. MYC members attend monthly meetings, participate in community service opportunities and events, tour city departments and projects, and research current city issues. MYC members complete the Mayor's Assignment, a capstone project designed to encourage youth engagement in civic processes.  


Students who successfully complete the requirements of the MYC program participate in a special graduation ceremony in the spring with the Mayor and their friends and family in attendance.

For more information about the Mayor's Youth Committee or to find out how your school can participate, contact Candice Copple at 480-644-3002 or

2018 - 2019 Mayor's Youth Committee Materials

Congratulations 2017-2018 Graduates: 

Caden Bethel
Rebekah BlackMayorsYouthCommitteeAmber Blain*
Michael Botchway
Savannah Brown*
Tristan Covington*
Sophia Daly
Cody Daniels*
Michael Fairbanks
Leslie Flores*
Grant Foster
Summer Gautier
Morgan Goodyear
KessiAnne Hansen
Ethan Joerz
Jim Larsen
Sophia Larsen
Katelyn LeSueur
Jacob Martinez
Dharma Olander*
Brooke Rector
Pilar Rivera
Nathanael Semadeni*
Francesca Valli-Doherty*
Cory Westad*

*  Graduating with Honors