Electronic Monitoring Program

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Electronic Monitoring is performed through the use of a wearable miniature-tracking device worn on the ankle, which is an additional release condition option for some defendants who otherwise may be held on bond.  This device uses GPS satellites to track the location of the person wearing the device.

  • Tampering with the device or cutting the strap is prohibited.  The Court will be notified immediately of any tampering to the device or strap.

  • The device is water resistant but not waterproof.  The device may be worn in the shower, but must not be submerged in any liquid, such as swimming or taking a bath.
  • The defendant is responsible for the care of the equipment issued.  They will be held financially responsible for any loss or malicious damage to the equipment and may be subject to criminal prosecution pursuant to Arizona Revised Statute 13-1602 (Criminal Damage) or 13-1802 (Theft).

Some defendants may have the option to post a bond in lieu of electronic monitoring.  If a bond is posted before their next court date, the device will be removed.  To have the device removed, the bond must be posted at the Mesa Municipal Court during the regular business hours of 7:00 AM to 6:00 PM, Monday through Thursday. 

The charger must accompany the device the day that it is removed.  Bring the charger to each court appearance.

Failure to comply with Electronic Monitoring requirements could result in a warrant for arrest and revocation of release.  The defendant is subject to FELONY prosecution pursuant to ARS 13-3725 (Interference With Electronic Monitoring Devices) and ARS 13-1502 (Escape).

Call 480-313-2697 for additional information about the use of the electronic monitoring device.