The Courtroom

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  1. The Judge - The Judge ensures the trial is conducted in an orderly manner according to the prescribed rules and laws.
  1. The Clerk - The Clerk is in charge of the jury during the trial and deliberations. The Clerk is also responsible for maintaining accurate permanent records of all court proceedings and exhibits.
  1. The Witness - The Witness is a person who gives testimony concerning the issue being tried.
  1. The Interpreter - The Interpreter is a qualified person who interprets the entire court proceeding for defendants and witnesses who do not speak English.
  1. The Defendant - The Defendant, in a criminal case, is the person charged with an offense.
  1. The Defense Attorney - The Defense Attorney represents the defendant. Some defendants are represented by attorneys and some are not.
  1. The Prosecuting Attorney - The Prosecuting Attorney from the Mesa City Prosecutor's Office presents the state's case against the defendant.
  1. The Prosecutor's Investigating Officer - The judge may allow the prosecutor's investigator on the case to sit with the prosecutor.
  1. The Jury - The Jury is composed of six individuals selected to decide the defendant's guilt or innocence based on the facts presented. Additional jurors may be selected as alternate jurors.