ADA Transition Plan

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The City of Mesa is in the process of preparing an ADA Transition Plan. The Transition Plan will meet the requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) to identify barriers of access to our facilities, programs and services. The plan includes a self-evaluation of our transportation rights-of-way, facilities and programs to provide a transition schedule for removing identified barriers that limit access to persons with disabilities. This ADA Transition Plan will be developed with participation from the public, in particular community members with disabilities, to help ensure equitable access within Mesa.

For more information on the City of Mesa’s ADA Transition Plan, please contact Andrea Alicoate, Title VI & ADA Programs Coordinator at 480-644-5034 or

About the ADA Transition Plan Project

The City of Mesa’s ADA Transition Plan project began in 2014. and will be completed in the following phases:

Phase 1: ADA Parks & Recreational Facilities Self-Evaluation (Completed)
Phase 2: ADA Transit Bus Stops and Facilities Self-Evaluation (Completed)
Phase 3: ADA Transportation Facilities Self-Evaluation (In-Progress)
Phase 4: ADA Facility Self-Evaluations (Initiated)
Phase 5: ADA Policy & Program Self-Evaluation (Pending)
Phase 6: Prepare the ADA Transition Plan & Public Comment (Pending)

Phase 1 was conducted and completed 2014. It consisted of an inventory of sidewalks, curb ramps, entrances, alarms, drinking fountains, heights of controls, fire alarms and strobes, public seating, grandstands if present, bleachers on deck, deck drainage slope, access to and controls for elevators where installed, signage, handrails, approach to doors and other ADA Requirements within 78 Mesa Parks and Recreation facilities.

Phase 2 was conducted and completed by Valley Metro, Maricopa Association of Government and the City of Mesa's Transit Department.  It consisted of an inventory of the ADA accessibility for Mesa's 730 bus stops, 4 park and rides, and 2 transit centers.

For more information on the Transit Self-Evaluation, please contact Jodi Sorrell, Transit Services Director, at 480-644-5541 or

Phase 3 was initiated in April 2018 and will consist of an inventory of the City’s sidewalks, curb ramps, and traffic signals for the Transportation Department. Work will be conducted by Sally Swanson Architects, Inc. along all arterial and collector streets within the City of Mesa until April 2019 to identify any assets that may need updates to meet current ADA requirements.

For more information on the Transportation Facilities Self-Evaluation, please contact Mark Venti, P.E. Senior Transportation Engineer at 480-644-4807 or

Phase 4 has been initiated and will consist of an inventory of physical barriers within approximately 50 public facilities. More information will be noted as this phase progresses.

Phase 5 and Phase 6 are currently pending initiation.

Once Completed the ADA Transition Plan will:

  • Include the prioritization system used to evaluate the deficiencies identified in the self-evaluation, and the programs or projects through which the alterations will occur.
  • Plan for updates and reports, since this is a “living” document and its highlights and changes should be shared with the public.
  • Document outreach with organizations serving or representing individuals with disabilities, and the consideration of comments.

The City always welcomes feedback as it relates to the accessibility of City programs, services, and facilities. Please email your comments or concerns to