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Short Term Disability

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Short Term Disability (STD) is voluntary insurance for City of Mesa full-time, active and part-time, benefit eligible employees and is insured and administered by Unum. STD benefits pay 66 2/3% of an employee's weekly base pay at the time a disability commenced (after waiting period) for a maximum of six months.  For part-time employees, STD benefits pay 66 2/3% of an employees weekly budgeted hours. Please be aware during the first six months of coverage, pre-existing conditions may not be covered or may have limited benefits under this plan.  Employees may contact Unum to file a claim by phone, 8am to 8pm EST (except holidays).

Short Term Disability Contact Information: 

 STD Plan administered by: Unum  
 Address: PO Box 100158, Columbia, SC 29202-3158
 Group Number: 473015
 Customer Service Number: 1.888.673.9940
 Online Employee Portal:

How to Calculate Your Monthly Premium & Weekly Benefit

The monthly cost and weekly benefit amounts can be calculated by using the following formula:

UNUM Monthly Cost & Weekly Benefit Calculations
 Plan Option
Elimination/Waiting Period
Monthly Cost per $10
of Weekly Benefit
07 - Day $0.364
29 - Day $0.177
44 - Day $0.146
  / 52=   X .6667 =    / 10 =   X   =  
Your annual earnings   Your weekly earnings   Your benefit max = $2,000       Rate from above based on desired Waiting Period   Your Monthly Premium

To file a disability claim, contact Unum at 1 (888) 673-9940.

Know when it's time to file your claim:  If you are scheduled to be out of work, such as an upcoming hospital stay, you will want to file your paperless-telephonic claim within 30 days of your last day worked.  If your absence is unscheduled, call as soon as possible.

  1. Have the following information ready:
    • Your address
      • Employer name (City of Mesa)
      • Policy number 473015
      • Last day of active full-time work
      • Salary
      • Nature of your claim
      • Treating physician's name, address, phone and fax numbers
  2. Make the call:  Dial 1.888.673.9940 to file your telephonic claim with a Unum Disability Customer Service Representative

Following Up On a Claim

Unum will contact your physician to request additional information.  If they don't receive a timely response from your physician's office, Unum may recommend that you contact your physician directly in order to expedite the request. Once your claim has been processed, you should call Unum directly with any questions you may have.  Note that if your disability needs to be extended past the initial approval date, it is your responsibility to contact Unum and let them know that your status may need to be extended.

Managing Your Claim

Check your claim status, correspondence, and updates online - anytime.  Unum has developed a secure and easy way for you to manage your disability claim online at  Unum's secure web services allow you to access and make changes to your open claims as well as view updates and correspondence when they become available.

Unum's secure site helps eliminate delays and is simple to use.  Here are a few main features of the site:

  • Sign up and submit your electronic disability authorization form.
  • Upload documents for disability claims from your personal computer.
  • Register for direct deposit of your claim payment.
  • Check claim status, correspondence and most recent payment information.
  • Verify and change personal information and monitor your claim progress.

You may also manage your claim with the Unum Customer App available for Apple and Android devices.


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