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The City of Mesa has contracted with Vision Service Plan (VSP) to deliver our vision benefit program.  As a member, you'll receive affordable access to care from great eye doctors, quality eye wear, and low out of pocket costs.  You may contact VSP customer service Monday through Friday, 6am to 8pm MST, or visit the member portal at any time.

Vision Contact Information/Claims Address: 

 Vision Plan administered by: VSP
 Address: PO BOX 385018, Birmingham, AL 35238-5018
 VSP PPO Network: VSP Preferred Provider Network
 Group Number: 300167772
 Customer Service Number: 1.800.877.7195

City of Mesa Vision Plan Highlights:

The City of Mesa and VSP provide you with a choice of affordable vision plans - choose the plan that's right for you.

Exam frequency EVERY year for all plans
In-Network Out-of-Network

Same as PLUS  PLAN, but with one of the following enhancement
options (called EasyOptions) per member per year, at time of materials purchase:

  • $250 frame allowance
  • $300 contact lens allowance
    (instead of contacts)
  • Fully covered Anti-reflective coating
  • Fully covered Progressive lenses
  • Fully covered Photochromic Lenses

EasyOptions Plan Benefits not available at Walmart, Sam's Club or Costco.

Frequency (glasses, contact lenses)
Every other calendar year
Every other calendar year
Every calendar year
Every calendar year
Up to $150 allowance
Up to $70 allowance
Up to $150 allowance
Up to $70 allowance
Single / Bifocal / Trifocal
$10 copay
$40 / $60 / $80 allowance
$10 copay
$40 / $60 / $80 allowance
Contact Lenses (instead of glasses)
Fitting & Evaluation
Up to $60
Up to $60
Up to $60
Up to $60
Up to $200
Up to $200
Up to $200
Up to $200
Medically Necessary
$10 copay
$10 copay
$10 copay  $10 copay 

 $20.61  $27.05

Elective VS Medically Necessary Contact Lenses

When you require vision correction, you may interpret a contact lens prescription as medically necessary. However, this is not correct. In most instances, you can receive vision correction through eye glasses, contact lenses or sometimes laser surgery. Eye glasses are considered the professional standard of care. The two other options are elective and considered cosmetic. We do offer an elective contact lens benefit where you can choose to correct your vision with contact lenses instead of eye glasses.

Medically necessary contact lenses are non-elective contact lenses, and are prescribed when certain medical conditions prevent vision correction through regular eye glasses. With some medical conditions, patients  are unable to achieve vision correction though regular eye glasses, resulting in the need for medically necessary contact lenses.  We offer a medically necessary contact lens benefit in addition to an elective contact lens benefit.


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