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What is NextMesa?
I'm an old Mesa guy. I love reminiscing about the small city I grew up in. We live in a different Mesa now. It's changed and I'm okay with that. The Mesa our children will inherit will be even more different from this one. It will be the one we plan and create today. I want us to continue to improve. I want us to step up to the next level as a community. I love and appreciate the Mesa of today but have a vision of where I want it to be. On another level, on another "mesa."

The more people involved in moving Mesa to the next level, the better. To accomplish that, city government needs to interact and communicate with the people of Mesa in easier to use and better ways. To that end, we're going to place increased emphasis on social media. I invite everyone to follow me on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

We asked Mesa residents about their NextMesa...


Introducing NextMesa after being sworn in as Mayor of Mesa on September 18, 2014