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A Smart City is about people, not just tech!

In short, a Smart City is one in which the latest technologies and data-driven insights are leveraged to improve the quality of life, civic engagement, economic development, service delivery, and community vibrancy for its citizens, businesses and visitors.

In 2018, the City of Mesa engaged Think Big Partners, LLC to assist in the development of a Smart City Master Plan. Most importantly, this effort included engaging our citizens, businesses and the public as we identified the strategies & priorities for building a Smarter Mesa.

Seven pillars of a Smarter Mesa

Smart-City-diagramSmart Downtown Create a vibrant, attractive downtown that is thriving with live work and play activities by both residents and businesses

Smart Environment Protect the environment and create sustainable options where possible

Smart Infrastructure Modernize essential infrastructure to provide essential city services and preserve a high quality of life in Mesa

Smart Government Create a responsive, engaged city that makes decisions based on data and understands the needs of its citizens

Smart Public Safety Create a safe and secure environment for all citizens

Smart Transportation Create accessible, equitable and safe multi-modal transit options along with creating the ability to move easily throughout Mesa

Smart Community Create an engaged, inclusive and equitable community that can provide a high quality life to all Mesa citizens


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