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Smart Priorities for the Next 18 to 24 Months

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The following Smart City initiatives are forecasted to kick off within the next 24 months, and includes projects currently underway, priorities targeted for implementation within this timeframe, and exploratory discussions for future planning.

Most notably, key focal areas for the upcoming 24 months include:

Foundational-Infrastructure-arrow Provision the robust, scalable communications & data infrastructure needed to enable other smart initiatives and services.
Downtown-Focus Foster downtown vibrancy for businesses, residents, and visitors. This includes initiatives to bolster Wi-Fi and Broadband access, reap energy savings & generate revenue through LED Lighting & smart nodes, enhance ease of locating available parking for citizens, support innovation district priorities, enhance resident & visitor experience downtown…and more!

Pilot Automated Water/ Energy Smart metering in targeted locations.


Smart Priority Table

Preliminary planning & feasibility may occur for other interests not listed that are targeted beyond the next two years (including development of a smart energy grid, optimization of renewable energy, exploring drone use, adding electric vehicle charging stations and evaluating traffic signal timing).