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Smart Infrastructure

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Smart Infrastructure is essential for every smart city. The modernization of infrastructure can help enhance the quality of life for citizens while producing significant cost savings for cities. Departments work together as foundational smart technology provides a core base for many department specific applications to function, and data from this infrastructure affects all systems. 


Communications Infrastructure

Project  Every project on the City’s smart priorities for the next 18 to 24 months align with the City Council Strategic Priorities of transforming neighborhoods, cultivating economic centers and/or community safety. The connected infrastructure projects are derived by and in support of the City of Mesa’s Smart City Strategic Plan.

Benefit Almost every project relies on connected infrastructure, fiber optic or wireless connectivity, to provide the Smart City functions. A key focal area for the next 12 to 18 months is the foundational infrastructure, including additional fiber and Wi-Fi, to provision the robust, scalable communications and data infrastructure needed to enable other smart initiatives and services.

Current Status Strategy development is underway; a recommendation is anticipated to be shared soon. (This will be a phased approach based upon priorities.) 

 smart infrastructure


Open Data is digital data that is made available with the technical and legal characteristics necessary for it to be freely used, reused, and redistributed by anyone, anytime and anywhere. In 2018, the City of Mesa upgraded and expanded the City data available on our Open Data Portal ( ), including Open Budget, Open Expenditures, City Council Strategic Priorities, and featured stories and highlights on key services. This initiative is guided by an Open Data Leadership Board comprised of executive City leaders.