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Downtown Smart Digital Kiosks

Soon it will be easier to connect in Downtown Mesa.

Smart, digital kiosks will be conveniently located to connect Mesa residents with Mesa City services and local businesses.The City of Mesa has partnered with Smart City Media to install 20 smart digital kiosks in Downtown Mesa that have 55“ touch screens, voice activation for touchless interaction, multi-lingual and ADA friendly.  

The Kiosks are slated to roll out later this year.  


Kiosk map

Mesa Wi-Fi     @Mesa wifi logo

Mesa offers free WiFi service Downtown and in several park and facility locations, and we are continually expanding public Wi-Fi availability.  There has been enhanced Wi-Fi at all the Library branches.  In addition, the City is actively making public Wi-Fi available near many traffic signals.  This is an ongoing project as we work to make Internet connectivity more available to our residents.

View the MAP for the WiFi spot nearest to you. For more information email or call 480-644-4442 and leave a message.

Smart Parking - Downtown Pilot

The City is partnering with different vendors to explore parking location sensors for Downtown Mesa.

Multiple separate trials are being put in place to explore options to help residents who want to visit downtown stores, restaurants, museums, art programs, and City offices.

Smart downtown will soon include smart parking – stay tuned for more information.


 Completed Projects

The following Smart City or Internet of Things (IoT) technology solutions are in place. All align with the City Council Strategic Priorities that provide the blueprint for building a Smarter Mesa!

NextGen 911 – Improving upon the systems to take and respond to emergencies with Text to 911 and new ways to get data from mobile users with E911. The new CAD system under construction will allow emergency dispatch to use all the data we can give them to direct help where it’s needed.

Intelligent Traffic Systems
 – The deployment of sensors and data networking to every traffic signal in the City making traffic studies quicker, allowing the collection and analysis of traffic information, and giving emergency dispatch camera views of accident scenes at City intersections. In two pilot areas on Dobson and Superstition cameras and sensors at the streetlights automatically adjust the light timing in response to traffic.

Smart Irrigation Controllers in Parks – In monsoon season Parks employees no longer need to travel to every facility to stop the sprinklers. The City saves over 80 trips every time it rains by managing the watering centrally. The controllers also alarm if a sprinkler head breaks or a leak is detected, saving water, time and valuable parks greenery.

WiFi in Parks – Broadband access in public spaces helps bridge the digital divide, giving all residents access to the internet, and gives us a backbone for City deployments of sensors and controllers like the Parks irrigation controllers.

Launchpoint - LaunchPoint, the City’s technology accelerator, provides entrepreneurs & small companies business development assistance, networking & training opportunities.

Mesa K Ready - Mesa K-Ready helps children, and parents, prepare for kindergarten. Using a tablet device, educational app, and learning activities at City museums, parks and libraries, Mesa K-Ready helps children in our community start kindergarten ready to learn.

Hacktivate Mesa - Hacktivate Mesa (held on January 19th this year) is a two-day experience for local area high school students to discover, study, analyze and present data about an issue or challenge facing our community. Data science experts from local colleges, businesses, and the community will mentor teams of students as they learn how to access City of Mesa open data, develop skills in analyzing data, and explore solutions to community issues. At the end of the event, students present their discoveries and awards for best presentations will be given.

Thinkspot – Mini-makerspaces in all City Libraries allowing innovative citizens free or inexpensive access to the tools of creation.