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The City of Mesa administers two cable television license agreements with cable companies, Cox and CenturyLink on behalf of Mesa residents. The licenses are non-exclusive agreements meaning that other companies can provide cable services within the City of Mesa's jurisdiction upon obtaining a license.   

Mesa residents may also contact DIRECTV or DISH.

Unresolved Cable Complaints

The Business Services Administration office provides consumer assistance for citizens and businesses dealing with cable television matters by helping to resolve complaints, enforcing customer service standards and addressing other consumer-related license compliance issues.

Prior to calling the Unresolved Cable Complaint phone number, please contact the cable service provider's Customer Service department to allow them to address your issue. Your service provider will contact you within 48 hours to attempt to resolve your concern.

If the matter is not resolved to your satisfaction and you feel further action by the cable service provider is required please call the City of Mesa, Unresolved Cable Complaint number at 480-644-2684.