Budget Billing

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Manage your monthly utility bill amounts using the City of Mesa's Budget Payment Plan.  The Budget Payment Plan will help balance seasonal highs and lows of your utility bill while your monthly payment remains the same each month. 

How it Works

The City of Mesa calculates your budget payment amount by taking the total of your annual energy costs for the previous 12 months, divides the total by 12, and adds an energy variance percentage.  The purpose of the Budget Payment Plan is to establish a credit balance during the lower energy use months that will apply toward those months with higher energy use.  The City of Mesa will review your account periodically and can make adjustments to your budget payment amount if there is a significant change in your utility usage.

The City of Mesa offers 2 Budget Payment Plans:

Customer Type
Enrollment Period Settlement Month
Customers with Gas Service Only June 1st - Aug 31st
Customers with a Combination of Utility Types
(ex. Electric, Gas, Water, Sewer, Solid Waste, Irrigation)
Nov 1st - Jan 31st



Before enrolling in this program, please keep a few things in mind:

  • This program is available to residential customers only.
  • You must have 12 consecutive months of utility bills at the residence.
  • The account balance must be paid in full at time of enrollment.
  • You can be on SurePay and Select Due Date with the Budget Plan.
  • Payment arrangements are not available if you are on the Budget Payment Plan.
  • The Budget Payment Amount may change.  Accounts on the Budget Plan will be monitored for large debit/ credit variances.
  • If your payment is not posted on or before the due date, you will be removed from the Budget Payment Program.  You may sign up again during the next enrollment period.

If you have questions about how this program works, please contact us.  You may E-mail (please do not send sensitive information such as credit card numbers or social security numbers)  Customer Service at, or call us at 480-644-2221.