Utility Outage

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Utility Outage Preparedness:

  • Install surge protectors and/or battery backup systems for computers.
  • Locate main electrical or fuse box, water and gas mains; learn how and when to turn off and teach family members; keep necessary tools near shut off valves.
  • If you have an electric garage door opener, find out where the manual release lever is located and learn how to operate it.
  • If you have telephone system that relies on electricity to work, plan for alternate communication (i.e. standard telephone handset or cell phone).
  • Make sure you have plenty of flashlights and extra batteries available.
  • Consider purchasing a generator.  If you have a generator be sure to strictly adhere to safety requirements.
  • Register life-sustaining and medical equipment with your utility company.

Utility Outage Response:

  • Only turn off the gas if instructed to do so by the gas company.  Remember that only a professional should turn the gas back on.
  • Use battery-operated light source, such as a flashlights or light sticks.  Due to the extreme risk of fire, DO NOT use candles during a power outage.
  • Never use gas ovens, gas ranges, barbeques or propane heaters for indoor heating.  Doing so can lead to carbon monoxide poisoning.  Can also increase the risk of fire.
  • Limit the number of times you open the refrigerator and freezer to help keep foods cold for longer periods of time.
  • Turn off as many lights and other electrical items as possible (except for the refrigerator and freezer); this will help to eliminate potential fire hazards and lessen the power draw hen service is restored.
  • Unplug computers and other sensitive equipment to protect them from power surges when service is restored.
  • Listen to your portable weather radio, radio, or TV for current information.
  • If driving, proceed with caution and be alert to traffic lights that are not working.  If a traffic light is out, remember to treat it as an all-way stop.
  • Stay away from downed power lines and sagging trees with broken limbs. 

Phone Numbers for Reporting Utility Outages:

Telephone Electrical
Qwest 800-573-1311 City of Mesa 480-644-2266
Cox 800-229-6542 SRP 602-236-8888
APS 602-371-7171
Gas Water
City of Mesa 480-644-4277 City of Mesa 480-644-4444
Southwest Gas 602-271-4277 or 800-528-4277 City of apache Junction 480-982-6030
City of Chandler 480-782-3700
City of Gilbert 480-503-6400
City Glendale 623-930-2700
City of Phoenix 602-262-6251
Town of Queen Creek 480-358-3450
City of Scottsdale 480-312-5650
City of Tempe 480-350-2837