Downed Power Lines

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downedlinesDowned power lines can be deadly. The Energy Resources Department is committed to ensuring your safety. That's why we want you to be aware of what to do if you see a downed power line. Please remember these important tips:

  • Assume that all downed wires are energized and dangerous even if there is no spark. They may look harmless, but if energized, they can cause serious injury, or even death, when touched. If you see a downed power line, call the City of Mesa at  480-644-2262 or dial 911.
  • Observe the minimum safe distance of 20 feet or more. Stay back and do not touch the line. Also keep children and pets away from the downed line. A live wire lying on the ground can cause electricity to travel across the ground, outward from the contact point.
  • Do not attempt to cut or remove a tree, car, or other object that is entangled with a power line. Electricity can travel through tree branches or other items such as brooms, boards, and plastic materials, especially when the items are wet.
  • If a line falls across your vehicle, stay in your car until emergency personnel arrives and determines it is safe to exit. You are safer inside the vehicle.
  • If you come across a car with lines fallen on it even if someone is trapped inside, keep away from the vehicle and contact 911.  No one should touch the vehicle.

Electricity seeks the simplest path to the ground, through conductors such as metal, water, even people. If you are part of that path, you are in danger. So stay back and stay safe!