Identifying a Natural Gas Leak

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smell, hear, and see

Natural gas pipelines can be buried anywhere.  Even if you don't have natural gas appliances in your home, make sure your family is aware of what natural gas smells like and what to do if you smell gas.

A natural gas leak may be present if you:

  • Smell:  An odor similar to rotten eggs.*
  • Hear:   An unusual hissing sound coming from a pipeline, appliance, or a natural gas meter.
  • See:    Unusual changes to soil, dead or dying vegetation.

If you smell gas or have any gas emergency, leave the area and call 480-644-4277 (GASS) or 911. 

Do not:

  • Smoke, light a match, or use a lighter;
  • Switch lights on or off; or
  • Use a phone or cell phone until you've left the area.

*If you have lost your sense of smell or it is badly diminished make sure everyone in your household knows what natural gas smells like and what to do it they smell it.  There are alarms that may be purchased that are designed to detect the smell of methane and audibly alert you to its presence.  There are a number of manufacturers and models.  Visit your local Mesa major retail outlet or hardware store to inquire about price and availability.  Be sure to carefully follow all alarm installation and use instructions.