Frequently Asked Questions

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  • Alarm Permit: Who do I contact about getting an alarm permit?

  • Building: I will be making tenant improvements (building additions or improvements, fire sprinklers or alarm systems, where do I call for assistance?

  • Burning/Fire Hazard: Can I have a fire in my back yard; how large can it be?

  • Burning/Fire Hazard: How do I report fire hazards like weeds, brush or trash around a home in my neighborhood?

  • Burning/Fire Hazard: How do I report illegal burning?

  • Burning: Can I burn trash, weeds, grass or tree clippings from my yard?

  • Daycare: How can I get approved to open a daycare in my home?

  • Fire Extinguisher: Where do I get my Fire Extinguishers serviced or replaced and how often?

  • Fire Hydrant: Who do I call to report a damaged fire hydrant?

  • Fire Lane: Who do I call to report a vehicle blocking a fire hydrant or parked in a fire lane?

  • Fireworks: Are fireworks legal and when can I use them?

  • Fireworks: Are sky lanterns legal to use in Mesa?

  • Hazardous Waste: Where do I dispose of hazardous waste materials?

  • Lockbox: How can I get a lock box, key box or Knox box for outside my front door for emergency responders to get in my home if I am unable to open the door?

  • Propane: Where can I safely store or dispose of a propane tank for a BBQ grill?

  • Smoke Alarm: How long do my smoke detectors last and when should I replace them?

  • Smoke Alarm: My smoke detectors are going off, what should I do?