Bees and Safety

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If bees are in the area:

  • Stay indoors.  
  • Close all windows and doors.   
  • Do not attempt to move bees (don't throw objects at the swarm or squirt with water).  
  • Typically swarms are transient -- they may set up temporary shelter in a tree for a few hours or even days before moving on.   
  • Swarms that are close to daycare centers, schools, or densely populated areas (large apartment complexes or trailer parks) may need to be removed if they do not leave the area in a reasonable amount of time or are showing aggressive behavior.  
  • If a beekeeper or exterminator is contacted for bees on a private residence or business, the owner/occupant assumes financial responsibility for said services.  
  • The Mesa Fire and Medical Department does not typically eradicate bee swarms unless special circumstances are present (such as aggressive, attacking bees that cannot be isolated from the public by reasonable means).  
  • Killing non-Africanized swarms only strengthens the Africanized population. Non-aggressive bees are essential in nature.

This statute grants the Maricopa County Vector Control the authority to destroy a wild bee hive/swarm should it pose a health hazard: Arizona Revised Statute 36-601(A)1 states: Any condition or place in populous areas that constitutes a breeding place for flies, rodents, mosquitoes and other insects that are capable of carrying and transmitting disease-causing organisms to any person or persons or any condition or place that constitutes a feral colony of honeybees that is not currently maintained by a beekeeper and that poses a health or safety hazard to the public.



Aggressive bees that are swarming and in attack mode


Non-emergency calls

(480) 644-2400

Maricopa County Vector Control - public safety hazard 602-506-6616 or submit online complaint

Bee removal - private property

Refer to your Yellow Pages - Bee Removal or Pest Control

Bee removal - City property - Facilities Maintenance

(480) 644-4321

Bee removal - Water Meters

(480) 644-2221

Bee removal - City parks

(480) 644-2262