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Watch now how neon is made!  

One key historic feature of the City of Mesa is its array of neon signs. Main Street for miles glowed at night from gas-lit tubes on signs advertising motels, flower shops, restaurants and auto service centers, to name a few.

Sadly, this long stretch of neon is dwindling in the face of development that often excludes our history. Yet, Mesa’s Central Main Plan includes a goal of blending our built heritage—including neon—with new development. Repairing and adaptively reusing neon is possible. One case in point is Sally’s Fabrics, originally at 1235 E. Main Street. On August 28, 2017, a team of professionals—engineers, crane operators, preservationists—worked all day in the hot sun to gently remove and store this neon sign for reuse.

The next steps are planning and fund-raising. As you watch the Sally’s Fabrics sign movie below, please remember to watch for updates where YOUR help is needed. Feel free to contact Lauren Allsopp, Mesa’s Historic Preservation Office (480-276-7714) or Vic Linoff, President of the Mesa Preservation Foundation (480-967-4729) for more information.



 Saving Sally's Fabrics neon sign