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Is it realistic to say that we can really end homelessness? 
As you might expect, reducing homelessness is a complex, human issue. There is no single solution that fits every person or situation.  Also, we realize that the number of homeless people is not static. It is very fluid, changing from day to day-even hourly. As homeless people get placed into housing, other individuals are thrust into homelessness.  In the United States and abroad, we will always have poverty, and the complexities of human beings in crisis. In Mesa, our goal is to reduce homelessness by creating such a strong, effective and efficient system that when we identify new homeless, their experience being homeless is one time, brief and doesn’t repeat itself. This is called “functional zero.”

Today, the homeless challenge is so complex, and related services are provided by so many organizations (both public and private) that improved coordination of these efforts is a best practice. Multiple City of Mesa departments, regional partners, schools, and non-profit service providers are working collaboratively to maximize partnerships and existing resources to reduce homelessness in Mesa and the region.

Our collective goal is to lead with service, and to create a strong, well-known, efficient and effective system that is focused more on providing connections to service and rehabilitation for those in Mesa experiencing homelessness today or to prevent others from becoming homeless.  We also will use enforcement when and where it is necessary for public safety and security.

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