Housing Staff Contacts

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 Street Address

 200 S Center Street, Building 1, Mesa, AZ 85210
 (Visitor parking available in front of lobby entrance.)

 Mailing Address  PO Box 1466, Mesa, AZ 85211
 Main Phone  480-644-3536
 Fax  480-644-2923

Waiting List & Incoming Portability to Mesa

Portability to the City of Mesa
 Lisa Flores  480-644-3049   Lisa.Flores@mesaaz.gov
Waiting List Inquiries    480-644-3536
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Portability to Mesa

Portability Billing (Port Updates)  Rosario Beltran-Joshi  480-644-3539  Rosario.Beltran@mesaaz.gov

Housing Specialist Contacts (for current participants)

Last names beginning with A - E  Korry Mahoney  480-644-3312  Korrine.Mahoney@mesaaz.gov
Last names beginning with F - Lo  Jennifer Hedges  480-644-3547  Jennifer.Hedges@mesaaz.gov
Last names beginning with Lu - Rod  Diana Padilla
 480-644-3563  Diana.Padilla@mesaaz.gov
Last names beginning with Rog - Z  Christine Delmastro  480-644-5602  Christine.Delmastro@mesaaz.gov
VASH, Homeownership, Shelter + Care, Project-Based Voucher at LaMesita and Escobedo  Diana McGregory   480-644-3946  Diana.McGregory@mesaaz.gov
Housing Coordinator  Rosario
 480-644-3539  Rosario.Beltran@mesaaz.gov


 Inspector  Martin Lara-Reyes  480-644-5591  Martin.Lara@mesaaz.gov

Security/Utility Deposit Program


Program Management

Mary Brandon
   480-644-5852  Mary.Brandon@mesaaz.gov