Cemetery Tree Restoration Project

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The Mesa Cemetery has served the community with distinction for more than 125 years.

In recent years, however, the Cemetery has experienced a significant loss of trees, and damage to the grounds, due to monsoon storms.

  • In 2018 – 160 Italian Cypress trees were lost.
  • IN 2019 – 23 additional trees were damaged and removed.

Now, in an effort to retain the iconic theme of the Cemetery, and to continue to provide safe, inviting grounds, a Turf and Tree Restoration Program is underway.

In recent months:

  • More than 30 Italian Cypress trees have been planted.
  • New tree spacing standards have been implemented.
  • Proper irrigation has been provided for rapid root developments.
  • 200 feet of new irrigation line has been laid.
  • Turf areas in distress have been soil tested and treated.                             

In the upcoming weeks and months:

  • 38 new Italian Cypress trees will be planted.
  • Aging, unstable trees will be identified and removed.
  • Cemetery grounds will be aerated and fertilized.

The City of Mesa recognizes the significance that the Mesa Cemetery has to this community, and is dedicated to providing a safe, beautiful, and comforting environment for our visitors. 

If you would like to be part of Planting the Future of the Mesa Cemetery, you can donate to the Mesa Cemetery Tree Planting Program through the Foundation for Mesa Parks and Recreation.  Every dollar will be used to purchase, plant and care for new trees in our memorial forest. 

Donate online at:  Click on the "Donate" tab and select the "Tree Planting Program."