Frequently Asked Questions

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General Utility Account

  • What if I receive a message that the system is unavailable?

    The system may be down for maintenance. If this problem persists for an extended length of time please contact Customer Service at 480-644-2221.

    The system may be unavailable:

    • Nightly:  Between the hours of 7:00 PM and 12:00 AM (midnight) the system may be unavailable intermittently due to nightly processing.

    • Weekly:  The system may be unavailable for routine maintenance every Sunday from 10:00 PM to Monday 1:00 AM.

  • Can I de-enroll from 'My Utility Account' at any time?

    If you would like to de-enroll from this service, please contact Customer Service at 480-644-2221, your account can be de-activated to prevent Internet access. In order to restore Internet access you will have to contact Customer Service to have the account re-activated.  
  • What can I do myself to further minimize the possibility of unauthorized access to my personal and account information?

    The City of Mesa will never contact you to ask you for your Username or Password information. Please be very cautious when getting phone calls, e-mails, or instant messages asking for this information; we recommend you do not respond to these requests, and contact us immediately with details.

    For the application to work properly your browser must have JavaScript enabled and allow cookies. If you're concerned about security, you can turn on JavaScript and cookies for the current session with your browser and then turn them off after you are finished. 

    If you do not plan to use the web site to pay on-line or view account information, you may disallow access to your account information by contacting Customer Service at 480-644-2221.

  • Disclosure and Application of Public Records Laws

    The City of Mesa does not sell, trade or rent City web sites visitor information, including electronic mail addresses, to any outside company or organization.

    The City will not disclose personally identifiable information or credit/debit card information to third parties, except for the purposes of completing your payment transaction through a secured financial network or to collection agencies.

    The City of Mesa may be required by law enforcement or judicial authorities to provide personally identifiable information, or credit/debit card data, to the appropriate governmental authorities as required by law.

    Please be aware that information you provide to any government entity, including the City of Mesa, on a web site or otherwise may be subject to disclosure upon a request under the Arizona Public Records Law, other state and federal law or Supreme Court Rule.

  • DigiCert Security Services

    The City of Mesa uses Digicert to ensure data safety. Digicert stores all transaction information from the website, and uses the latest secure SSL encryption technology. While we have access to all transaction-critical information, Digicert protects your account data with the highest level of security.

    To protect consumer data during transmission, Digicert uses the latest SSL encryption technology that securely passes transaction data to the Digicert gateway. To prevent data compromise in the storage server, Digicert stores sensitive transaction information on secure systems that cannot be accessed through the Internet. Furthermore, Digicert uses hardware and software firewall technology and additional encryption technology to eliminate opportunities for intruders to break into a server and compromise personal account information. 

    For more information on Digicert services please visit their website at or click on the small gold colored padlock at the lower right hand side of any of the website screens to view the certificate information.

  • What kind of online security does the "My Utility Account" use to protect customer account information?

    The City of Mesa is committed to maintaining the security and quality of data provided that is either available from or collected by our City web sites and has taken reasonable precautions to protect such information from loss, misuse or alteration.

    The City of Mesa maintains security standards and procedures regarding unauthorized access to electronic information to prevent unauthorized removal or alteration of data. The City utilizes 128-bit encryption and SSL services to secure all transactions that may involve payment of fees through the City web sites. Those utilizing our online payment services are encouraged to verify the validity of the site's digital server certificate when processing payment transactions, by clicking on the "lock" icon that appears at the bottom of your browser screen when processing credit/debit card information.

    There is also a "Verify Certificate" link provided on all pages where payment information is requested. Checking certificate status ensures that you are utilizing the City's secured payment processing system. This information should not be construed in any way as giving business, legal, or other advice, or warranting as fail proof, the security of any personal information collected through our web sites.

  • I have a billing dispute for a recurring payment that has already been debited/charged to my account, what do I do?

    Please contact Customer Service during normal business hours at 480-644-2221.
  • Is there a charge for a returned check?

    Yes. Please read the Returned Items and Delinquency (Late) Fees page for more information. 
  • Do I have to sign up for online bill payments if I have registered my account?

    No. You can register and view your bill history, consumption history or use any other on-line function of the website without using the bill payment options. However, you cannot sign up for the payment options without first registering your account.
  • What if I need to stop a payment that has already been made?

    If you want to cancel a payment, please contact your bank or credit card company to see if the payment or charge to your account has already been processed and can be stopped. The City of Mesa will charge a $25.00 returned payment fee.
  • Can I stop a recurring payment amount before my checking account or credit card is charged or debited?

    Within three (3) business days from your scheduled payment, please contact Customer Service at 480-644-2221 to stop payment.
  • How do I inactivate a recurring payment?

    If you are making recurring payments by either bank draft or credit card and you wish to discontinue this payment option simply "inactivate" your current existing payment arrangement from the "Existing Recurring Payment" screen. You can either enter a new recurring payment arrangement or choose to make one-time payments if you wish to continue using the "My Utility Account" on-line payment system.
  • Will I need to make a request each month in order to pay my bill?

    This depends on the payment method you have selected. If you chose one of the one-time payment options, yes, you will need to submit a payment amount authorizing the City of Mesa to debit your checking account or charge your credit card on a monthly basis. However, if you choose one of the recurring programs, your checking account or credit card will be automatically debited or charged each month.
  • Is there a charge for the online payment method?

    There is no charge for online payments using an electronic check or paying via your bank web site.  Beginning March 12, 2018 there will be a 2.37% service fee applied to payments via a credit or debit card.
  • When will my payment be charged to my credit card?

    If you utilize the one-time payment method to make a payment with a credit card, your payment amount will be charged to your credit card that same day.

    If you are enrolled in the recurring credit card payment, your monthly payment will automatically be charged to your credit card two (2) days before your bill due date. If that day falls on either a weekend or bank holiday, your payment date will occur on the next business day.

  • When will my payment be debited from my checking account?

    If you utilize the one-time payment option to make a payment by bank draft, your payment amount will be debited from your checking account within two (2) business days.

    If you are enrolled in the recurring bank draft payment, your monthly payment will automatically be debited from your account two (2) days before your bill due date. If that day falls on either a weekend or bank holiday, your payment will be debited on the next business day.

  • When will my first recurring payment take effect?

    If your recurring payment program is set up to use your bank account, the first recurring payment will take effect with the next month's bill. For example, if your billing date is the first of every month and you enroll on February 15, the recurring pay program will take effect with the March 1 bill. 

    If your recurring payment program is set up to use your credit card, and you have already been billed and have a future due date, the recurring credit card payment will start immediately and pay two (2) business days from the due date. If you have not recently been billed, the program will begin with your next month's bill.
  • What if my monthly bill amount exceeds the "maximum amount allowed" criteria entered when I registered for recurring payments?

    When you receive your monthly bill, the message "Please Pay. SurePay will not be drafted" will display in the "Message Center" box. In addition, the pay stub will not display the "DO NOT PAY" message in the upper right corner of the stub.
  • What if my services have been disconnected for non-payment?

    If your utility service has been disconnected due to non-payment, you will be required to pay your total past due account balance including any applicable service charges. Checks are not accepted as payment for reconnection of services.  Please contact Customer Service at 480-644-2221 to have your services reconnected.

  • Can I receive my monthly utility bill electronically?

    Yes. You can receive an E-Mail notification when your monthly utility bill has been produced by logging in to My Utility Account and then navigate to the "Profile" tab.  From there you will see the Account List and EBilling sub tab where you can update your eBill preferences.  Your monthly eBill email will contain a link to "My Utility Account." Once you have logged in, you can view your new bill by clicking on the View Bill option.

  • How do I add an additional account to my utility account registration?

    On the main dashboard page click on the "Profile" tab and then select  "Account List & EBilling" and follow the instructions. You will need the account number and service address zip code.  As soon as the information is accepted you will be able to view information pertaining to the added account and sign up for any online payment options.
  • I have multiple services on one account. Can I view individual charges for all my services?

    Yes. Each of your services can be viewed individually by clicking on "Bill History" located under the "Bills & Payment" tab. "Bill History" allows you to view an exact copy of your monthly bill. In addition, consumption data can be viewed on-line for any metered services on your account on the "Usage" and "Compare" tabs.
  • What if I forget or want to change my username on my utility account online?

    If you forget your user name, click on the Forgot User Name link on the main log in page. You may change your user name online by clicking on the "Profile" tab, and then "Change My User Name". Follow the steps to change your user name.
  • Who do I contact if I'm having trouble accessing my utility bill?

    If you are experiencing any difficulty accessing your bill after your enrollment and subsequent billing period, please contact Customer Service at or 480-644-2221.
  • What is the difference between service and account addresses?

    The service address is the premises where the utility services are provided. You may have a different address for billing purposes (mailing address).
  • When can I view my bill utility online?

    Your current bill is available upon registering online. You will have the ability to view and download up to 48 months of your latest billing information along with consumption history, account transactions, and more!
  • What is my utility account number?

    Your Account Number (12 or 13 digits, example: 123456-654321 or 1234567-654321) appears on the first page of your monthly bill at the top right corner. If you are an eBill customer, month billing statements and payment receipts include your account number.
  • What if I am having problems registering on the new My Utility Account?

    If you are receiving errors when trying to register on the new My Utility Account website, please double check that you are using the correct account number and service address zip code.  

    If you receive a message that you have been locked out for 5 minutes, and continue to receive the message, please either clear your browser cache or try a different browser.  Keep in mind that the My Utility Account website offers convenient access from any type of device, including mobile phones and tablets.  

  • What do I need to register for My Utility Account?

    Registration is easy - all you need is your utility account number and your service address zip code. 

    Please note that we implemented a new My Utility Account website on 1/7/2020.  All users, new and existing, will need to register on the new portal.


  • What if I have questions or suggestions for the Paperless Billing service?

    The eBill team continuously works on improving the Paperless Billing service and you may contact the eBill team by email at
  • What if I have a question about my utility bill?

    Contact the Customer Services Division at or by calling 480-644-2221 during regular business hours and speaking with a Customer Service representative.
  • Can I cancel Paperless Billing and choose to receive my paper bill again?

    Yes, you can cancel Paperless Billing at any time. There are three options for changing your bill delivery: 1) When you receive your monthly e-mail notification, you can click on “Unsubscribe” and follow the steps; or 2) by logging in to your My Utility Account and changing your bill delivery preference; or 3) by calling 480-644-2221 and speaking with a Customer Service representative.
  • Can I still donate to ABC Program Assistance each month if I receive Paperless Billing?

    Yes, you can still donate to ABC Program Assistance. Whether you pay through our secured website, 24/7 phone system, or at one of our locations, you will have the opportunity to donate to ABC Program Assistance.
  • Can I see multiple months of my bill?

    Yes. Currently, we offer the ability to securely view your current and previous bills online.
  • What if I want my spouse or a third party to receive the Paperless Billing notification?

    A spouse can receive the e-mail notification at their own e-mail address. When signing up for Paperless Billing, be sure to indicate their address instead of your own. Note: The spouse/third party must be authorized on the account in the event they wish to get any information regarding account status, etc.
  • If I currently pay my bill online do I need to do anything different?

    No. There is nothing else you need to do except continue to pay online or by any other method you chose.
  • If I am a SurePay customer will this affect how my account gets paid?

    No. You will start receiving e-mail notifications that you can view the bill online. Your automatic payment deduction will occur as it does now.
  • If I sign up for paperless billing, will I still receive the city’s Open-line newsletter or the annual water quality report by mail?

    You will no longer receive the Openline newsletter or Water Quality Report by mail once you sign up for Paperless Billing.
  • Does it cost anything to sign up for paperless billing?

    No. Paperless billing is free to all City of Mesa Utility customers.
  • Am I automatically signed up for paperless billing when I become a City of Mesa Utilities customer?

    No, customers who would like to take advantage of this convenient service will need to enroll.
  • How do I make a payment once I've signed up for paperless billing?

    Payments can be made by check debit or credit card. You also have the option of signing up for SurePay and have your monthly payments automatically made from your checking or credit card account. For more information visit our 7 Ways to Pay your Utility Bill payment methods page.
  • What if I continue to receive paper bills when I signed up for Paperless Billing?

    Once you signed up for paperless billing you will no longer receive paper bills. If you continue to receive paper bills, it is because there was an invalid email entered on your utility account.

    If so, your account was placed back on Paper bill to ensure bill delivery. Please complete this form to take advantage of the Paperless Billing service at or you may contact our office by calling 480-644-2221 and speaking with a Customer Service representative.

  • What if I don’t receive the paperless billing notification?

    Notifications are sent to the email address you provided when you signed up. We recommend that you do a search in your email for

    If the eBill notifications are being routed to your spam folder please add to your contacts or safe sender list.  If you are unable to find any notifications from, please fill out the Paperless billing form at or you may contact our office by calling 480-644-2221 and speaking with a Customer Service representative.

    Note: Our eBill staff monitors Paperless billing accounts and will contact customers in the event a Paperless billing notification did not go through.

  • Can I get both an electronic and a paper bill?

    No, once you sign up for Paperless Billing you will no longer receive a paper bill by mail.
  • How do I change the e-mail address my notification is sent to?

    There are three options for changing your e-mail address:

    1. When you receive your monthly e-mail notification, you can click on “Change e-mail address” and fill out the paperless billing form; or

    2. Visit and fill out the paperless billing form; or

    3. By calling 480-644-2221 and speaking with a Customer Service representative.
  • Is there any special software program that I need to view my bill online?

    To view your bill online you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader, which, if not already loaded on your computer, is available for free at
  • What email address will the monthly email notifications come from?

    The email will be sent from the City of Mesa eBill team Example:

    (We recommend that you add this email address to your Contacts or Address book to ensure successful delivery.)

  • What type of notifications should I expect when signing up for Paperless Billing?

    Our eBill notifications include the following:
                    Monthly Email/text billing notifications
                    Payment Confirmations
                    Past Due notices
                    Recurring Credit Card Expiration 
  • When will I receive my first e-mail notification for Paperless Billing?

    About one week after you subscribe to Paperless Billing you will receive an e-mail that we have received and processed your request.