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Change the date your utility bill is due using City of Mesa's Select Due Date program.  Available dates may vary depending on your billing cycle.

Before enrolling in this program, keep a few things in mind:

  • This program is available to residential customers only.
  • The account balance must be paid in full at time of enrollment.
  • The due date you select becomes the date your payment is due.
  • Payment arrangements are not available if you are on the Select Due Date program.
  • If your payment is not posted on or before the due date, you will be removed from the Select Due Date program.
  • The same due date should display on the bill each month.  However, your bill may display a due date 1 day later depending on the billing cycle.
  • For customers who select the 29th, 30th or 31st, the due date may change depending on the number of days in the month. (ie, if you select the 31st your April bill will be due on the 30th)

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To sign up now, complete the form below.  If you have questions about how this program works, please contact us.  You may e-mail Customer Service at or call us at 480-644-2221.

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