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Our Little Libraries program supports Mesa residents in creating little libraries to inspire a love of reading through book exchanges and fostering connections in neighborhoods. This program was developed through Imagine Mesa and is modeled after the national Little Free Libraries program with permission of Little Free Library, LTD.

Those interested in building, installing and registering a Little Library may receive up to $260 in library building supplies as well as the cost of registration fees (approx. $40). Our program provides funding for libraries on private properties within neighborhoods to benefit the community. Library supplies may include building supplies needed to create, weatherize and install your library. This program does not cover tools needed to build the library.

All applications will be reviewed on a first come, first served basis, subject to availability of funds, completion of required paperwork, and project approval by the City of Mesa.

How to apply for the Mesa Little Libraries Program

Thank you for your interest in Mesa Little Libraries!  We have had such a great response that we are currently working through a waiting list of applications but we hope to be opening it up again sometime soon.

We will be sure to post an update here and on our social media channels when we are able to reopen for new applicants! Stay connected through the City of Mesa Facebook Page and

In the meantime, we encourage those that are interested to think about creating a Little Library on their own or with friends. There are many great resources out there for library inspiration, creating a library on a budget, and collaborating as a neighborhood to create libraries. is a great place to start for inspiration.

Mesa Little Library Participation Forms

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If it’s not registered with Little Free Library let us know! We currently provide funding for library registration.

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