Resident's Guide to Mesa Neighborhood Classes


The Resident’s Guide to Mesa is a series of free classes with useful information to support Mesa residents who want to improve their neighborhoods. Attend these free classes to gain a better understanding of City services, connect to other people with common neighborhood concerns, and walk away with new tools and training to make positive changes in your community.

Upcoming Classes

Guide to Taking Care of Your Neighborhood

In this 90-minute class, you will:

  • Learn about free city services that can benefit you and your neighborhood
  • Practice using City Apps where you can easily report everything from graffiti to potholes
  • Connect with other residents who share your neighborhood concerns
  • Receive sharable neighborhood social media posts, and an invitation to our exclusive online neighborhood network group

Guide to Building Community in Your Neighborhood

Tuesday, March 17, 2020 - CLASS CANCELED

In this 90-minute class you will:

  • Create an action plan and walk away with tangible next steps to cultivate more community in your neighborhood
  • Learn how Block Watch, neighborhood clean-ups, neighborhood gatherings and neighborhood registration can strengthen your neighborhood
  • Receive guidance from key City staff about your neighborhood
  • Receive an invitation to our exclusive online neighborhood network group

Guide to Becoming a Community Advocate

Tuesday, April 14, 2020 - CLASS CANCELED

In this 90-minute class you will:

  • Learn the ins and outs of City government and how to become more involved in decision making
  • Learn how to take on leadership roles beyond your neighborhood and into the community
  • Learn the impact of serving on City advisory and nonprofit community boards and how to be appointed to one.
  • Hear inspiring stories of local leaders and gain support in exploring your next volunteer leadership role
  • Tour Mesa’s Council Chambers and learn how to participate in public meetings

Guide to Homeowners Associations

In these 90-minute classes you will:

  • Learn from experts in the field of HOA management to provide important information on topics essential to the success of an HOA
  • Hear case study and receive guidance on Arizona and Federal HOA laws
  • Learn practical tips for in-depth issues
  • Meet other Board members and HOA residents


Connect with us and other neighborhood leaders through these virtual support options: weekly City of Mesa trivia

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Join Our Mesa Neighborhood Network Facebook Group

The Mesa Neighborhood Network Facebook Group was created to help neighborhood leaders share stories and advice, ask questions, and connect. What’s working well in your neighborhood? What’s your go-to resource for connecting with neighbors? How do you handle neighborhood challenges? How do you welcome new neighbors and organize neighborhood events? Ask and answer questions here to help you strengthen your neighborhood and connect with others.

For this group, neighborhood leaders are defined as those that have attended a Resident’s Guide To Mesa Class; serve as a Mesa Registered Neighborhood contact; hosts a Mesa Little Library, or is a Mesa lead.)

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The Mesa Neighborhood Network Facebook group is maintained by the City of Mesa Neighborhood Services team to help neighborhood leaders share stories a...