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commbldg12aMembers of the Public Safety Communications Division are quality people, providing quality service. They support citizens and officers by demonstrating compassion, a desire to serve, professional conduct, and comprehensive knowledge and ability. Their job requires the mental toughness and courage to face challenging situations. While others are in distress, they must suspend their emotions in order to be successful.

To the Dispatcher and 9-1-1 Operator, being successful means saving lives or helping apprehend a criminal. Our success is measured in seconds.

Personnel work to coordinate routine and emergency operations for the Mesa Police Department, as well as providing 9-1-1 services for fire and medical calls for the following agencies: Mesa Fire Department, Apache Junction Fire District, Gilbert Fire Department and Queen Creek Fire Department.  Their duties include:

  • Receive emergency and non-emergency calls from the public, other City departments and other agencies
  • Intake 9-1-1 calls for Mesa Police and Fire, as well as Apache Junction Fire, Gilbert Fire, and Queen Creek Fire
  • Dispatch police units
  • Coordinate activities among patrol officers, detectives, and other emergency responders 

There are four employee classifications in Communications. They are the:

  • 9-1-1 Operator, who answers emergency and non-emergency phone calls;
  • Public Safety Dispatcher, who handles radio traffic and manages police units through a computer aided dispatch system;
  • Shift Supervisor, who directs operations, shift scheduling, performance measurement, and liaisons with customers and support personnel;
  • Administrator, who coordinates strategic and tactical plans in dispatch and 9-1-1 operations, liaison to fire, police and technical operations, manages schedules and staffing, and reviews personnel issues.


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