Mesa Police Department Community Forums

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The Mesa Police Community Forums are established to open the lines of communication between residents of Mesa and the Police Department, in order to focus on public safety issues and partner with community leaders in developing solutions to multi-faceted community concerns. The forums are critical to the Police Department and its mission. Forum members participate in Police special events, training and educational opportunities.

The Mission of the Community Forums is to create relationships between the Mesa Police Department and the community, to provide effective avenues of communication for community members, and to address cultural and quality of life issues that transcend ethnic, cultural, religious and geographic barriers to increase the quality of life for all citizens.

Community Forums/Special Interest Groups

 African American Forum  
     MPD Chair  Assistant Chief Lee Rankin 
     Co-Chair  Community Affairs Liaison Charles Cobbs
 Asian Forum  
     MPD Chair  Commander Ed Wessing
     Co-Chair  Program Coordinator Tara Hall
 Business Forum  
     MPD Chair  Commander Jeffrey Cutler
     C0-Chair  Program Coordinator Tara Hall
 Clergy Forum  
     MPD Chair  Lieutenant Tim McClary
     Co-Chair  Sgt. Jeffrey Penrose
 Education Forum  
     MPD Chair  Commander Bill Peters
     Co-Chair  Commander Jeffrey Cutler
 Hispanic Forum  
     MPD Chair  Commander Ruben Quesada
     Co-Chair  Sgt. Victor Tapia
 Human Rights Forum  
     MPD Chair  Detective Amanda Stamps
     Co-Chair  Lieutenant Dominique Sterlin
 Mental Health Forum  
     MPD Chair  Commander Tom Intrieri
     Co-Chair  Lieutenant Dominique Sterlin
 Native American Forum  
     MPD Chair  Commander Tom Intrieri
     Co-Chair  Sergeant David Jenkins
 Non-Profit Forum  
     MPD Chair  Commander Mike Bellows
     Co-Chair  Program Administrator Tara Hall
 Upbeat & Aging Forum  
     MPD Chair  Commander Gina Nesbit
     Co-Chair  VIPS Coordinator
 Veteran's Forum  
     MPD Chair  Lieutenant Diana Clevenger
     Co-Chair  Commander Gina Nesbit
 Youth Forum  
     MPD Chair  Program Administrator Tara Hall
     Co-Chair  Youth Development Sergeant
Independent Living (Disabilities) Liaison  Commander Ed Wessing


Forum Member Responsibilities and Requirements

Meetings are held the last week of each month quarterly. Forums can also attend an organized police special event one time a year in lieu of a meeting.


  • Engage in projects/training that support and enhance the effectiveness of the police department, i.e., Community Engagement Academies, Informational/Education sessions, etc.
  • Assist to increase citizen involvement in community programs.
  • Help in crime prevention/communications efforts through the distribution of resource materials.
  • Make recommendations concerning police and community matters.


  • Open to all community members.
  • 18 years or older.
  • Serve as a volunteer leader in their respective field.
  • Non-political.
  • Build partnerships designated to strengthen relationships between police and the community.
  • Make recommendations to relevant issues in the community and police operations.
  • Can be removed due to limited attendance or at the request of the Chief's Office.





If you have any questions or would like to participate in one of our forums, please send and email to