Document Crimes - How Do I Report One?

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Someone has obtained credit in my name, used my Social Security Number, is cashing counterfeit checks listing my name and information or is presenting their picture ID to obtain any benefit. It is occurring outside of the city where I live. Where do I report the crime?

You are the victim of identity theft. ARS 13-2008.B provides that "A peace officer in any jurisdiction in which an element of the offense is committed or a result of the offense occurs may take a report." In other words, you may report the crime in the jurisdiction where you live or to the jurisdiction where the crime is occurring, or both. If you live in Mesa and the crime occurred in California, we can take a report from you and will then forward it to the jurisdiction best able to investigate the crime.

If the crime occurred in Mesa and you live out-of-state, you may report it to your jurisdiction and they may forward the case, or you may make your report directly to us. Keep in mind that the jurisdiction where the crime is occurring will have direct access to the facts of the case, the merchant, witnesses, etc. and the best chance of solving your case.

My wallet or purse was stolen and my credit cards/checks are now being presented all over the Valley. Do I need to make a police report for each new event?

No. Each time your check/credit card are presented to a merchant, it constitutes a new crime. When that merchant contacts you, document the date, whom you spoke with, by phone or letter, and advise them that you are a victim of theft and that they are the victim of a new and separate fraud and encourage them to contact their local PD and initiate a police report. Give them your original case number for reference. You do not need to initiate a new report yourself. Forward them a copy of your form letter and the merchants report.

Keep in mind that some merchants tolerate a certain amount of loss before they deem it worthwhile to prosecute. If they are the ones out the money, it is they who the courts recognize as a victim for prosecution purposes.

My wallet or purse was stolen. To whom do I report the crime?

Report the theft in the jurisdiction where it occurred.