Special Victims Unit

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The Special Victims Unit has the responsibility of investigating homicides, suspicious deaths, member involved shootings, crimes of violence, kidnappings, robberies, and stalking (non-domestic) cases.

Violent Crimes

The Violent Crimes Unit is responsible for the follow up investigation of incidents involving, but not limited to, felony and misdemeanor assault, kidnapping, threats, harassment, hate crimes, school threats, terror threats and weapons violations. The Violent Crimes Unit uses all available technological resources to solve crimes, locate, apprehend, and bring to justice criminal suspects who commit violent acts against the citizens of the City of Mesa. The Mesa Police Department's Violent Crimes Unit is comprised of a squad of ten detectives and one sergeant. Detectives currently assigned to the Violent Crimes Unit have a collective average of over ten years of Police experience. 

Robbery Unit

The Robbery Unit is part of Metro Resources under the Persons Section. The Robbery Unit is responsible for investigating personal and commercial robberies. This includes robberies of persons, businesses, and financial institutions. Personal robberies include home invasions and carjackings. The Robbery Unit supports the Patrol Bureau and is available twenty-four hours a day for assistance.


Robbery FAQs

What is a Robbery?

A robbery is generally defined as the taking or attempted taking of property accompanied by the use of force or threatened use of force.

What happens to my case as a victim of a robbery?

A patrol officer will initially investigate the incident and forward it for further follow up, if needed. Once received, the Robbery Unit Sergeant reviews the case and assigns it to a detective. Cases are prioritized and investigated accordingly.

How do I find out the status of my case?

Call 480-644-2002 and give the receptionist the case number provided by the officer. The receptionist will tell you which detective has been assigned your case, if it has been received, and if it has been assigned by the Robbery Unit sergeant.

What will I be required to do as a victim?

Victims may be required to appear and testify in court and assist in identifying suspects. If you develop any additional information on your case or if you have an address or phone number change, PLEASE notify the assigned detective.