Community Engagement & Diversity Team

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Working together to increase awareness and acceptance of diversity in the Mesa Police Department and the community through inclusion, education and opportunity.

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As the Diversity Team reaches out to Mesa's diverse community, we offer our services in participation and education about the world we live in.


We odifferencesffer the following diversity presentations:

  • Race and Diversity
  • Police Culture


We have worked with:

  • Citizen Groups
  • Colleges and Universities
  • High Schools
  • Grade Schools
  • Various Religious Groups


The Team has participated or is currently participating in the following:

  • Mediation between police and citizens. This includes, but is not limited to, members explaining police action and attempts to diffuse disputes.
  • Health and Safety Fairs.
  • Development of a scholarship program for Mesa students.
  • Participation of Team members in the Anytown Program. This includes sending officers, with pay, for a week at the camp. This camp provides diversity training for youth from the city and state.
  • Holiday projects are attended by Team members for representation by the Mesa Police Department. This includes such events as Martin Luther King, Jr. and Cinco de Mayo holidays. Members make invaluable contacts with various citizens and community activists.
  • Neighborhood and Community functions are attended by Team members to assist with relations. Most communities are surprised that such a Team exists.
  • Some members are police recruiters. The Team has representation at some of the recruiting events, depending on the event and location.
  • Members contact other police agencies to inquire as to other diversity programs and training in which we may participate.
  • Members have assisted other police agencies in training or development of diversity programs.
  • Members have also been involved in park projects. These projects involve getting a community/neighborhood out at a local park for a series of nights throughout the summer. The officers will play games with the children, and parents are given information on local assistance programs.  Local religious leaders are invited to participate and spend time at play with parishioners. The Fire Department is invited to show off the truck and, weather permitting, let the kids cool off.

Internal Projects:

  • Membership in the following:
    • Mesa Police Recruiting Team
    • City Diversity Team
    • Peer Support Team
    • Advisory Committee on Minority and Employee Affairs
    • Mentor Program
    • Various instructional positions in the Department
  • Liaisons for Community/Citizen Activists or Organizations


Members facilitate or have facilitated in Cultural Diversity, Awareness and Sensitivity training at and for the following:

  • Mesa Police Academy:  Recruits
  • Mesa Police Training Facility:  Continuing Officer Education (COE), all department members
  • Mesa Police Communications:  911, fire and police dispatchers
  • Citizen Police Academy
  • Victim Assistance program
  • Local Colleges and Universities
  • Mesa Public Schools:  preschool, grade school and high schools
  • Local religious communities
  • Boys and Girls Club
  • Neighborhoods:  meetings and Neighborhood Watch groups
  • Citizen groups
  • Other City agencies

Mission Statement

  • Preserve open and productive dialogs between community groups and the Department.
  • Develop contact and relations with other city departments to increase awareness within the City of Mesa.
  • Attend meetings and important functions in the community.
  • Provide training to insure that all team members are kept current on changes, trends and diversity awareness.



Commander Gina Nesbit

Assistant Chief Sharon Burlingame  (LGBTQ Liaison)

Tara Hall
Community Partnership Administrator


Resources from our Community Partners: