Field Training Officer Program

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FTOPatchThe Mesa Police Department, in keeping with community expectations for professional police service, has established the Field Training Officer Program. 

The mission of the Mesa Police Department Field Training Officer Program:

To prepare Officers in Training (OITs) to perform the essential duties of a police officer by emphasizing community engagement, professionalism, trust and providing customer service that exceeds expectation while seeking continuous opportunities to improve.

Program Structure

Our FTO Program stresses learning the essential aspects of police work during a four-phase, nineteen-week Training Program.  The FTO Program exposes the (Officer in Training) OIT to at least three Field Training Officers (FTO’s).  FTO’s are seasoned field trainers that have gone through selection process and specialized school to assist them in training our new Officers.    

First phase of the FTO Program is a 6-week phase, the first week of which is a limbo week without any documentation.  The limbo week assisted the OIT in acclimating to their new environment.  It also gives the FTO a chance to show the OIT our community and provide examples of how to best meet the communities expectations. 

The second and third phases are each 5 weeks long, with one limbo day at the start of each phase.  The first week of the fourth phase consisted of the FTO's riding with the OIT as an observer and intervening only when needed.  The remaining 2-weeks of fourth phase consisted of the OIT in patrol car by himself/herself handling calls on his/her own.  The FTO rides in a separate patrol car and "shadows" the OIT on calls.  During this final phase the FTO confirms that the OIT is able to handle calls as a solo Officer before the OIT graduates from the Program.  When the OIT completes the FTO Program, the OIT is assigned to one of the patrol districts.  Realizing that these new Officers may learn at different rates, the FTO Program is based on proficiency – stressing proficiency vs. a rigid timeline.  When the OIT completes each of the phase’s requirements and is proficient at those requirements, they move to the next phase.  

Contact Us!

If you need additional information on any of these programs contact the Field Training Unit at or via phone at 480-644-3270. 


Training Resources 

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