Examinations Performed

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Trigger Pull Testing Answers the question:"How much force is required to pull the trigger and discharge this firearm?"
Function Testing Answers the question:"Does this firearm function as designed?"
Full-Auto Testing Answers the questions:"Is this firearm capable of full automatic fire (multiple shots with just one pull of the trigger)?"
Accidental Discharge Testing Answers the question:"Will this firearm unintentionally discharge?"
Shot Pattern/Distance Determination Examinations Answers the question: "What was the distance between the muzzle and the target at the time of discharge?" This exam is conducted with the same firearm and type of ammunition used in the original shooting.
Gunshot Residue Test Kits Answers the question: "Are there microscopic GSR particles present on a suspect’s hands?" This test can help to determine whether a person was involved in a shooting.
Ejection Pattern Testing Answers the question: "For a specific firearm, where do fired cartridge casings land?" The answer can help place and/or position the shooter at a crime scene.
TrajectoryReconstructions Can answer the questions: "What was the path of this projectile?" and"Where did this shot originate?"
Serial Number Restorations Answers question of: "What was this firearm’s serial number before it was altered/obliterated?"
Comparative Examinations Answers the questions: "Were the tool marks left on an evidence item (bullet, cartridge case, tool mark) produced by a particular suspect firearm or tool?" or “Were the tool marks left on evidence items produced by the same unknown firearm or tool?”.