Holding Facility (Jail)

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Holding Facilityjail

The Mesa Police Department's Holding Facility is a temporary holding facility and processing center located in the police headquarters building at 130 North Robson. Subjects that are arrested and waiting for an initial court appearance by a judge, are held in the holding facility for no longer than twenty-four hours. Subjects who have been arrested on felony charges or have been ordered to remain in-custody by a judge are transported to the Maricopa County Jail or CoreCivic. The Mesa Holding Facility processes an average of 18,500 prisoners each year. 

Holding Facility Staff

The holding facility is staffed by a team of 32 detention/transport officers who are supervised by six civilian shift supervisors and a sworn lieutenant. The detention and transport officers work together in maintaining a close working relationship within all areas of the police department, the Mesa Municipal Court and the many other law enforcement agencies surrounding our community. The Holding Facility is dedicated to ensuring a fair and expedited transition for all who are moving through the criminal justice process.

Detention officers are responsible for the care, custody and control of all subjects brought into the facility. Safety of the prisoners, officers and all who enter the facility is of utmost importance in the daily operations of the unit. Detention officers process each person who is in-custody prior to being seen by a judge. Processing includes searches for contraband and weapons to maintain the safety and integrity of the facility, obtaining fingerprints for proper identification purposes, and the preparation of court paperwork for the judge to review.

Transportation officers facilitate the movement of prisoners to and from the several Maricopa County facilities, assist with maintaining security of the in-custody courtroom, in addition to the duties of a Detention Officer.


Prisoners arrested on misdemeanor charges remain in the facility until their initial appearance. Monday through Thursday, the court has two sessions for prisoners to be seen. Court times are at 7:30 a.m. and 1:30 p.m. Both of these sessions can be viewed by the public through video monitors located in the Mesa City Court Building at 250 E. 1st Avenue. On Fridays, weekends and holidays, the court only has one session at 7:00 a.m.  This session may be viewed by the public through a monitor located in the lobby of the Mesa Police Headquarters building at 130 N. Robson. Both locations allow for the public to speak to the judge regarding a prisoner that is in-custody and currently in court.

Prisoners who are arrested on felony charges are processed at the Mesa holding facility and then transported to the Maricopa County Fourth Avenue Jail in Phoenix to be seen by a judge. Court times at the County facility are held every three hours and are scheduled after the completion of the county booking process. The public can obtain booking and hold information by calling the Maricopa County Jail Information line at 602-876-0322 and using the name and date of birth of the prisoner.

Prisoners who are arrested and held on misdemeanor charges after their initial appearance or after being sentenced will be held at CoreCivic in Florence, Arizona. The public can obtain information concerning visitation days and hours, and how to place currency on an inmate's books by calling CoreCivic at 520-868-9095 and using the name, date of birth and booking number of the prisoner.

For information regarding prisoners who were arrested and brought to the Mesa holding facility or to find release information after a prisoner's Mesa City Court appearance, call 480-644-2323.

Prisoners who have been assigned or given a bond can be bonded out either during or after court hours. Persons paying a bond should go to the Mesa City Court during regular business hours and to the Mesa Police Headquarters lobby (130 N. Robson) after business hours and on weekends. Bonds can be paid with cash, any major credit card or, in certain situations, can be paid through a bail bond agent.