Information Technology

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The IT Section coordinates purchases of computer hardware and software systems for the entire police force, in an effort to ensure the best and most cost-effective  IT solutions are fielded for all police department personnel. The IT Section acts as the liaison between the Police Department and City of Mesa Information Technology Division (ITD) and other city, county, state and national information database systems, such as LEJIS, ACJIS and NCIC. The IT Section is the prime focal point for all of the department's computer resources, including networking infrastructure, computer security issues and all personal computer resources.

The IT Section Security Supervisor is designated as the System Security Officer (SSO). The IT Section's Administrator is designated as the Assistant System Security Officer. Additionally, the technical Local Agency Security Officer's (LASO) duties are assigned to one of our senior network analysts, whose duties include addressing networking security and technical issues. These individuals have the responsibility to ensure that the police department's network and personnel are in compliance with all applicable laws, rules, regulations, policies and procedures governing all the manual and automated information systems used within the police department.

The Mesa Police Department prides itself on providing proven cutting edge law enforcement information technology (IT). For instance, the Panasonic CF-28/29 laptop computers being used by our Patrol Officers are but one example. These ruggedized laptops are specially designed to endure the rigors of the patrol environment, and yet provide officers with a valuable tool to serve and protect the public.

In addition to allowing our officers to write their police reports while in the field, the laptops are also utilized as Mobile Computer Terminals (MCTs) in the patrol cars. The laptops fit into a special mount in the cars that connect them to our Computer Aided Dispatching (CAD) system. The officers are able to receive service call assignments directly from the CAD system, view a map with streets and the locations of all Police and Fire vehicles as well as communicate with dispatchers and other MCTs in real time. Officers are also able to run vehicle checks from within their vehicle, validating current registration and license plate information and run the name of the subject to ascertain if a person has any outstanding warrants.

The CAD system (I/CAD from IPS, Inc.) constantly updates maps of Mesa on the Dispatch and CallTaker consoles that display the actual location of any Police or Fire vehicles within the City. This is accomplished through satellite GPS technology and Automated Vehicle Location (AVL) systems. Our Police helicopters have the same systems installed, which further enhances the city's response capabilities. When emergency calls are received, dispatchers are able to tell which officer or fire unit is closest to respond and can direct that unit to respond, again drastically improving our call response time. This technology allows us to maintain peak efficiency while providing the safest environment possible for our community.

The IT Section is a component of the Technical Services Division and supports the Department's staff of over 800 sworn and 500 civilian personnel. We are committed to using the finest computer technology available to us, so that we can continually improve the police department's public safety operations allowing us to take an active role in assisting in the reduction of crime.