Mesa Family Advocacy Center

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Main Phone Number: 480-644-4075

The Mesa Family Advocacy Center: Where police and social workers, Department of Child Safety, Office of Child Welfare Investigations, prosecuting attorneys and on-site physicians work together to reduce the trauma of physical and sexual abuse - where victimization is transformed into empowerment.

As the lead agency for the Mesa Family Advocacy Center, the Mesa Police Department has designed a unique, community-oriented, collaborative approach to investigating and intervening in adult and child sexual and severe physical abuse cases. Working with Department of Child Safety and Office of Child Welfare Investigations (OCWI), the officers of the Mesa Police Department are specifically trained to be sensitive to, and knowledgeable of, the trauma of cases of sexual and severe physical abuse of adults and children.

The Mesa Family Advocacy Center has on-scene crisis intervention from trained Victim Services personnel. Medical attention is provided on-site to assist physical and sexual abuse victims and one-time video interviews are done with victims to avoid re-traumatization. Five agencies (government and non-profit) work in complete cooperation, in one location.

In response to enacted legislation, officers housed at the Center are also responsible for notifying and educating the community about the release of convicted sex offenders.

The Problem in the United States

  • Over 700,000 women report being sexually assaulted annually.
  • Two million children are abused in their own homes every year.
  • 1,200 to 2,000 of these children die as a result of the abuse.
  • As many as 10% of the elderly are abused by their adult children.

Partners at the Mesa Family Advocacy Center

The Maricopa County Attorney’s Office and the City of Mesa Prosecutor's Office have jointly committed to participate in the Mesa Family Advocacy Center to improve the prosecution of misdemeanor and felony cases involving adult and child sexual and physical abuse. Additionally, the County Attorney's Victim/Witness Bureau and the Office of the City Prosecutor's Victim Rights Program provide legal and emotional support to victims throughout the court process.

Phoenix Children’s Hospital provides on-site medical services, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at the Mesa Family Advocacy Center for child physical and sexual abuse victims. The Mesa Family Advocacy Center provides a comforting, nurturing environment where medical examinations are conducted in a non-threatening, confidential setting. The medical evaluation involves forensic specimen retrieval and testing for sexually transmitted diseases in addition to a thorough physical examination of the patient.

The Forensic Nurse Examiner from Honor Health provides medical & forensic examinations for older children and adult victims.

The Arizona Department of Economic Security - Department of Child Safety, Office of Child Welfare Investigations, along with the Mesa Police Department Victim Services, provides on-site services and immediate intervention to victims of sexual abuse and severe physical abuse. Working with the courts, the medical system and the police department, DCS, OCWI and Victim Services reflect the integrative approach that is the hallmark of the Mesa Family Advocacy Center.

If you have questions regarding the Mesa Family Advocacy Center or the services that are provided at our facility, please contact Lt. Andrew Nesbit or Lt. Ryan Stokes.